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Healthy challenge, day XXXI

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Ran out of steam a little last week, as was feeling fluey, or perhaps it was just the last of the quitting smoking side effects. But I was back at bikram on Saturday, Sunday, and last night. One of the amazing things about yoga is that it never feels 90 minutes long. I don´t know how long it *does* feel though: at the risk of sounding flakey, it´s not about time…

Talking of time, the healthy challenge has run a full 31 days. I don´t think I did particularly well at the eating healthily and being teetotal part. That said, I still haven´t had a cigarette; haven´t put on any weight, despite kissing the cigs goodbye; and have averaged three yoga classes a week. Not quite in TC´s league, but still an achievement for me.

And I think I´ll continue with the yoga, even though my mission is officially completed. Tonight though, it´s off for sunshine drinks. I *won´t* be succumbing to smoky temptation, but please continue sharing your encouragement to keep me on the straight and narrow!

Yoga phrase of the (yester)day: “Sink into your towel.”
Achievement of the day: One month of not smoking!
Event of the day: Sunshine drinks.


Healthy challenge, day XVI

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Didn´t have any exercise scheduled for today, but went for a brief swim when I got home from work. Actually, I was *almost* tempted to put in a surprise appearance at yoga after a hectic day, but decided I´d rather have some time to myself in the evening for a change. Not doing too well on the healthy eating at the moment (chicken tikka masala for lunch), but hey, it ´s crunch time at the office and I have to keep going somehow on my first non-smoking deadline!

Encouragement of the day: Kim´s comments re. my yellow chakra
Exercise of the day: Swimming.  
Temptation of the day:  Saying no to that deadline cigarette.

Healthy challenge, day XV

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Another day, another yoga class. On our way home this evening, NH was having an extended deliberation about whether to go to a bar opening or not. Pros: free booze,  nothing else to do. Cons: deadline tomorrow, little chance of an early night. One thing I enjoy about my healthy regime is the freedom of not having to choose, but knowing that going to yoga is the default option. Had my first class with Brian, the main dude at Club Stretch, which was a little hectic, because he is much more pacey than the other instructors. But hey, I´m stil alive and typing…

Encouragement of the day: A colleague enumerating a long list of reasons why it´s good I´ve quit smoking. For example: I don´t have to waste any more time going to the shop to buy cigarettes.
Yoga phrase of the day: Move your brain to the back of your skull.  
Physical ailment of the day: The “yawning subject”. According to Kim, this is when you want to yawn, but
it´s difficult. Does anyone else ever experience this phenomenon, or is it just my family?

Healthy challenge, day IV

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So, I drank a g&t today. And had to gulp down my one drink of the week, because the show was about to start. I´m not really sure why I bothered to have  a drink at all… It honestly would not have been difficult to say no. I guess I was just bored. Also, finding a way to distract myself from not smoking. 

Because it was fucking difficult to say no to smoking the whole day, although I didn´t succumb to that one. In a way, perhaps, I´m exaggerating. It´s not difficult to not smoke one cigarette. Or not smoke for a day. Or even a week, I imagine – I´ll confirm that one when I´ve done it. It´s more the thought of never smoking again that is doing my head in.

Oh, the above-mentioned show: we went to see  Cirque du Soleil, which I´ll write about more another time. Suffice it to say 100 years of bikram yoga would never get me as supple as those contortionists!

Feeling of the day: stiff muscles.
Vice of the day: One g&t. At least it´s better than the 19 million beers I usually drink at the Irish Village on a Thursday evening!
Encouragement of the day: Email from my yoga teacher congratulating me on completing my first class yesterday.