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Where in the world is Trinny?

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As mentioned below, I´ve decided to go on holiday next week. Why? Well, it´s been a while. Also, just because I can. Owing the spontaneous nature of my decision, choices were fairly limited. As it is, I´ve picked somewhere supercool that adheres to all the constraints below:

1. I don´t need a visa or can get one at the border/airport;
2. I can afford it without declaring bankruptcy;
3. It will be okay to travel alone;
4. I´ve never been there before; and
5. It´s going to be Absolutely Fabulous.

Can anyone guess where I´ll be going? Tacky souvenir to the first person with the correct answer.  And you´re automatically disqualified if I´ve already told you, sorry. I´ll post my destination tomorrow evening; lucky, or rather educated, guesses in the comment box below, please.


Three good things that happened today

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1. I decided to go on holiday next week.
2. Not a baldy was blessed with its first comment by someone who is not personally known to me.
3. Going for a freebie dinner with the 618 massive tonight.

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July 28, 2009 at 17.52

Family conversation XLIV

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T: Have you checked out my new blog yet?
Nim: Um, yes…
T: Did you like it?
Nim: Ja, it is, um, cool…
T: What is it about?
Nim: Your life in Dubai and shit?

If any of you are also still labouring under the misapprehension that my new blog is about my life in Dubai, you might want to click here… To Nim´s credit, he did like the new blog when I forcibly showed it to him, and is going to be our hair sharing man in the Eastern Cape.

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July 26, 2009 at 19.22

Malapropism III

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A subbing friend passed this one on to me yesterday: “Yet, despite his almost apparelled success…”

I suppose it could work if the subject in question was some species of scantily apparelled sex worker? It certainly was an unparalled use of the English language.

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July 24, 2009 at 11.08

Family conversation XLIII

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Nim: Do you have a towel for me?
T: Ja, take the blue and white one with ships on it hanging in the bathroom.
Nim: There is no towel with ships on it.
T: There are two towels in the bathroom. One is plain blue. One is blue and white with ships on it.
Nim: There is no towel with ships on it.
T: Okay, perhaps I was wrong then. Just take the blue and white towel!
Nim: Are you in a bad mood?
T: No, are you in a bad mood?
Nim: No.
T: Okay, I´ll come and show you the blue and white towel with ships on it then.
(Goes to bathroom; there is no towel with ships on it.)
Nim: Ha! Just because something is blue and white, it´s not necessarily a nautical theme. Especially if it
doesn´t have ships on it.

The score
Trinny: 0
Nim: 1

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July 22, 2009 at 23.08

Three things I learned tonight

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1. The not mother of this evening´s not date is best friends with my matric English teacher.
2. You can get M-Net (DStv?) in Dubai, but it is lank expensive.
3. Chris Cleave is coming to the Dubai Literary Festival next year.

Which of these facts excites you most? Comments in the box, please.

Swine flu for beginners

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Am delighted, at long last, to welcome M-Squeeze to the blogosphere. Swine flu for beginners has a certain ring to it, wouldn´t you say? She makes bold claims that she might not commit beyond one post, but I have my doubts. I think anyone who manages to allude to swine flu, Kath & Kim, Mini Coopersgin, narcissism, and potatoes in a single post clearly has many more to follow…

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July 20, 2009 at 22.01