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Berry suspicious

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While I was sprinkling Tibetan goji berries on my muesli this morning (actually, I lie, it was this afternoon), I pondered if eating them would be helpful or harmful to the people of Tibet. The fact that on the packaging it says: “Grown in Tibet (Product of China)” conjured up visions of Tibetan exploitation at the hands of the Chinese eager to supply Western markets with “the world´s highest antioxidant food!”.

According to the “naturally goji” packaging: “The Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) test is one of the most accurate ways to measure the levels of antioxidants in food. Goji berries contain an amazing 25 300 ORAC units per 100g, which is the highest antioxidant score of all kown foods. In comparison, blueberries contain 2 400 ORAC units per 100g.”

Whatever. I received my goji berries as a gift from Kim on her recent visit. But they haven´t worked for her: during her stay she discovered that she is allergic to said berries (not to put too fine a point on it, they make her puke).

Now, I would never advocate using Wikipedia as a reliable source, but their article on goji berries does ring more true than the marketing drivel on sites such as this one.

Some of the more pertinent points:
* The goji berry is also known as the wolfberry or snowberry.
* Many goji berries are claimed to be “organic” when they are no such thing. (I no longer trust the USDA Organic sticker on my package of berries. I also find it suspicious that the original best before date, Oct 2008, has a sticker over it that reads: Oct 2009.)
* There is no such fruit as the “Tibetan” goji berry. This is a myth dreamed up by health-food marketers. “Tibetan” goji berries are most likely grown in China.
* Read more about the goji-berry scam here.

I guess I´ll finish my packet of goji berries. They´re kinda tasty and, although they don´t agree with Kim´s sensitive stomach, at least they´re not making me sick. But I don´t think I´ll be buying more any time soon. And I´m sure as hell hoping Manto doesn´t find out about them.


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April 18, 2008 at 14.51

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Mahendra ties up awards

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I´ve been slack again. I suppose I might have got around to posting the results of the SA Blog Awards 2008 sooner, had I actually won. So, a belated congratulations to Cook Sister!, who won the Best Overseas Blog category. And, if the results are laid out in terms of precedence, I did achieve a respectable third myself. Thanks to all of you who voted for me!

But who cares about coming third, when there is far more exciting news to announce! Mahendra´s Ties has received top honours in the South African Mahendra´s Ties Blog Awards 2008. Read about the tie-wash here.

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April 9, 2008 at 15.20

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Ankle tan

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It is beginning to frustrate me that I’m so out of date on my blog. I mean, in terms of posting, I’m still in London, but in real life I’m actually in Dubai.

And some posts just won’t wait. I’m distraught, because I’ve just discovered that I have an ankle tan, courtesy of the Capri trousers I wore on the city tour yesterday. At least it’s not a sock tan. And after winter in Liech, I’m glad I’ve got any sort of tan at all!

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April 1, 2008 at 15.24

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