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Healthy challenge, day XV

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Another day, another yoga class. On our way home this evening, NH was having an extended deliberation about whether to go to a bar opening or not. Pros: free booze,  nothing else to do. Cons: deadline tomorrow, little chance of an early night. One thing I enjoy about my healthy regime is the freedom of not having to choose, but knowing that going to yoga is the default option. Had my first class with Brian, the main dude at Club Stretch, which was a little hectic, because he is much more pacey than the other instructors. But hey, I´m stil alive and typing…

Encouragement of the day: A colleague enumerating a long list of reasons why it´s good I´ve quit smoking. For example: I don´t have to waste any more time going to the shop to buy cigarettes.
Yoga phrase of the day: Move your brain to the back of your skull.  
Physical ailment of the day: The “yawning subject”. According to Kim, this is when you want to yawn, but
it´s difficult. Does anyone else ever experience this phenomenon, or is it just my family?

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  1. Hi Trinny

    Yes – am very impressed with the whole regime. I htink during my “cobra” move which involved lying on your stomach today in pilates i did drift off for a split second. i spent most of the hour doing the exercises with my mind closed. but it does give you abs – it gives you abs.

    i think your stomach problem – apart from these obvious causes – although not exclusive of them, is that your stomach is your solar plexus or yellow cahkra. it controls feelings of wil power, self esteem, courage, ambition, drive, relations with others (power relations) and so on. so it’s no surprise quitting smoking made your “bio-kinetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies” sore too which then trickled down into your real stomach. sorry ic ould not provide you with this info sooner. hope it helps. get any yellow or white crystal and put it on your stomach – wear yellow – focus on this area and think positively.


    March 24, 2009 at 14.39

  2. BTW, off topic: check out this video report that was done by the SABC correspondent here in New York City on the South African emigrant vote here in the US:

    — Sean

    Sean Jacobs

    March 24, 2009 at 16.49

  3. […] of the day: Kim´s comments re. my yellow chakra.  Exercise of the day: Swimming.   Temptation of the day:  Saying no to that deadline […]

  4. Thanks Kim. We also have cobra in bikram, I think?

    Esoteric opinion on the stomach problem. I don´t have any yellow clothes though! Will orange do?


    March 24, 2009 at 23.08

  5. Hi Sean – don´t usually like off topic, but I do like your blog, so it´s allowed 😉


    March 24, 2009 at 23.08

  6. […] Thursday is the weekend in this part of the world, and that I have exercised for the last five days in a row, I think a little slackitude is allowed… Back to yoga tomorrow […]

  7. […] I am going to see Coldplay in Abu Dhabi tomorrow with NH. Given Kim´s comment on my yellow chakra, I´m hoping that listening to them will help with maintaining my will power […]

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