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Russian doll handbag

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In the last 60 hours I have bought:

1. a BlackBerry* Curve 8520;
2. a pair of Ray-bans; and
3. a Lamarte handbag.

And yes, I did fall for the old “buy a purse to match the handbag and we’ll give you a discount” sales pitch. And yes, when I realised I had bought a bag that came in a bag that was put in another bag, I felt slightly ashamed of myself. But hell, I couldn’t leave Dubai without one last shopping spree.**

* In case you’re wondering, the plural of BlackBerry is BlackBerrys.
* Since I have about another 60 hours left here, plus duty free to get through, I’ve  taken the precaution of secreting what remains of my money in various bank accounts around the world to ensure I won’t come home completely broke.


Family conversation XLV

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Kim: Do you think the cellphone codes of countries are related to numerology?
T: No, I don´t.
Kim: Like Dubai is five, which is expansion. South Africa is eight, which is determination; England is nine, because it´s finished; and Ireland is three for creativity.
T: What does eight mean again?
Kim: Determination… and money.
T: Well that kills your theory right there!

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September 4, 2009 at 18.50

Family conversation XLI

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T: I think Shennie Pie and Mr Moose will move back to Jozi after they´re done in Dubai. So when you see them tonight you can tell them all about the recession over there.
Pim: There is no recession.
T: But Mim told me that construction had ground to a halt?
Mim: It has! There are cranes just standing still everywhere.
Pim: Ja, but that´s because everyone has run out of money.

Technically, Pim is correct. I don´t think he will be any more when the first quarter results are released though…

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May 10, 2009 at 19.30

Family conversation XXIV

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T transfers money from her wallet to her purse, on her way out…

Mim: Don’t you owe me some money?
T: Yes, I’ll give it to you, but not right now.
MIm: Okay.
T: I’ll also transfer the rent money, even though I only got a really small salary this month.
Mim: Okay.
T: That’s not the answer I was looking for!
MIm: Well, I don’t have any salary. I have to make money somehow, even if it’s from you! 

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November 11, 2008 at 10.08

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