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Family conversation LVII

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T: Who’s that guy?
Mim: He’s the head of the  SA Tennis Association.
T: If my name were Ian Smith, I’d change it. Although, I did know a guy called Iain Smith in Dubai.
Mim: Ja, there was that music teacher in Grahamstown called Ian Smith too. But if your surname is Smith, you really should have a name like Sebastian or Benjamin… or Broccoli.


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February 6, 2010 at 15.00

Things I have lost, in no particular order

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Am feeling lazy today: found this old note that I posted on Facebook in August last year, and thought it belonged on my blog with the rest of my ramblings. Hopefully not so much of my stuff will be missing when I pack for Dubai. And at least I finally have some new glasses!

1. Nomvula by Freshlyground – I am so anti copying South African music, but will simply have to in this particular case.
2. My glasses – which didn’t survive the Belville Velodrome last Saturday. Oops.
3. A pair of grey trousers – so very useful for work, but they have disappeared for a while now.
4. The first Nouvelle Vague CD – I have a distinct memory of lending it to someone, I know not who. If you have it, please bring to my party on Saturday! 
5. My long red jacket – I can live without it, but I’d rather not.
6. My Clinique coral lipstick – which I bought at the Edgars beauty sale (beauty sale at work, not beauty sale at shop). And coral shades are so hot right now, damnit!
7. A pair of grey Capri pants – whoever has been purloining my clothes obviously has a taste for grey.
8. My beautiful pink glass earrings – from the glass earring factory in Kenya, where, incidentally, Merryl Streep also buys her earrings. Am holding onto the hope they are somewhere in Grahamstown. GX, please don’t hate me. And if you go to Kenya again, pretty please buy me some more!
9. Random other stuff – hey, I don’t even realise it’s gone yet, but when I remember it’ll hurt.
10. Any chance of a decent night’s sleep – am going to catch a few hours now, so goodnight 😉

Friendly conversation IX

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Having dinner at the Yellow House with Sue and some other friends when I was in Grahamstown…

T: So have you thought of any names for your baby?
N: Ja, we’re going to call her Maya.
T: That’s such a lovely name. You know, I was at playgroup yesterday and everyone seemed to have kids with stupid names like Phoebe and Ethan.
N: Ethan was our choice for a boy…

Not much chance of talking myself out of that one!

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October 25, 2008 at 20.10

Birthday V2.1

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I´d already had a pre-party, a party, and an after party with my new friends in Liech. Why stop now?

I rounded up my friends in London for another celebration. The very lovely Leti suggested Candid Cafe as a venue – reminiscent of ATOM sans copious alcohol consumption, sexy waiters, surly barman, and infamous bathroom shenanigans.

But hey, I´m not complaining – it was definitely the closest I´ve found to Obscurvitory in London. It was fabulous (dahling!) to catch up with friends from Cape Town and Grahamstown days in a setting that felt a just a little bit like home.