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Classic Mallinson

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Thanks very much to KE, TC, AM and everyone else who contributed to my leaving cover.

Before you ask, I’m not going to elaborate on any of the cover lines; what happens in Dubai stays in Dubai.

What I will reveal, is that “kerfuffle” should read “kafoefel” – proving that every magazine needs a sub.


Written by Trinny

December 22, 2009 at 15.30

Healthy challenge, day XVIII

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Didn´t have the healthiest day. I did drink one g&t at the Irish Village after work. But only one. And one g&t upstairs while watching Frost/Nixon with TC. But only one. So that makes one g&t. And it was with slimline tonic, which makes it only half a g&t, right?

In my defence, I did seriously think about going for a swim. But considering Thursday is the weekend in this part of the world, and that I have exercised for the last five days in a row, I think a little slackitude is allowed… Back to yoga tomorrow though!

Achievement of the day: Not smoking at the Irish Village. 
Inspiration of the day: My Ollible cousin, who is on day 4 of quitting smoking himself.
Match of the day: g&t 2, Trinny 0

Healthy challenge, day XVII

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Had my first group pilates class, which went okay. I think one of the reasons I prefer yoga though is that you can look in the mirror to focus (and check that you´re doing the posture correctly).

When I walked out of the pilates studio, the ground was all wet, which left be a little bewildered. At first I wondered if they were washing the car park? (“Classic Mallinson”, as TC would say.) But then I felt the gentle rain on my face, and was grateful for this unseasonal gift. Nothing beats Jozi thunder storms, but it was still pretty good. Pity I missed the hail though, I was busy scooping my stomach in or whatever at pilates.

Weather of the day: Hail in Dubai.
Pilates phrase of the day: Scoop your stomach in.  
Achievement of the day: Still did not smoke, although was final, final deadline.

Healthy challenge, day XVI

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Didn´t have any exercise scheduled for today, but went for a brief swim when I got home from work. Actually, I was *almost* tempted to put in a surprise appearance at yoga after a hectic day, but decided I´d rather have some time to myself in the evening for a change. Not doing too well on the healthy eating at the moment (chicken tikka masala for lunch), but hey, it ´s crunch time at the office and I have to keep going somehow on my first non-smoking deadline!

Encouragement of the day: Kim´s comments re. my yellow chakra
Exercise of the day: Swimming.  
Temptation of the day:  Saying no to that deadline cigarette.

Healthy challenge, day XV

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Another day, another yoga class. On our way home this evening, NH was having an extended deliberation about whether to go to a bar opening or not. Pros: free booze,  nothing else to do. Cons: deadline tomorrow, little chance of an early night. One thing I enjoy about my healthy regime is the freedom of not having to choose, but knowing that going to yoga is the default option. Had my first class with Brian, the main dude at Club Stretch, which was a little hectic, because he is much more pacey than the other instructors. But hey, I´m stil alive and typing…

Encouragement of the day: A colleague enumerating a long list of reasons why it´s good I´ve quit smoking. For example: I don´t have to waste any more time going to the shop to buy cigarettes.
Yoga phrase of the day: Move your brain to the back of your skull.  
Physical ailment of the day: The “yawning subject”. According to Kim, this is when you want to yawn, but
it´s difficult. Does anyone else ever experience this phenomenon, or is it just my family?

Healthy challenge, day X

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Today hasn´t been great. I went to the doctor, but he was pretty rubbish. The nurse took my blood pressure, but the doctor didn´t do anything, apart from sit on the other side of the desk and listen to me attempt to explain how I was feeling. Now, I am the kind of person who will complain that my toe is hurting, when it turns out I have an ear infection. So I really have very little confidence that he actually made anything approaching a correct diagnosis, considering he didn´t examine me in any way. 

The doctor just seemed to feel that quitting smoking was resulting in my sore stomach (for which he gave me Buscopan), nausea (for which he gave me Motilium), and faintness (for which he gave me Betaserc). Whatever, all of this medication just treats symptoms, rather than the cause, which makes me uncomfortable. Also, it didn´t even treat the symptoms properly, cos felt really bad in the afternoon (after lunch and pills), so went home early again. Which did not help my stress levels, as we´re going to print next week…

Also, am very annoyed that I´m not up to yoga. I hope I´m better soon so I can actually start to be proactive about healthy living, instead of reactive about how ill I´m feeling. Oh well, Shennie Pie just told me that the hopsital I went to (you seem to have to go to the hospitals here to see a doctor, crazy?!), which is near my work, is like the worst one in Dubai. So I guess I´ll go to another doctor on the weekend if I´m still feeling weird. 

Symptom of the day: Feeling spaced out, which is an official symptom of quitting smoking.
Theory of the day:  May just have some general bug that´s going around, as the Editor has been off sick with nausea for a couple of days.
Feelings the day:  Frustration.

Healthy challenge, day VII

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I am beginning to understand why I have never felt the need to exercise before. It´s just such a boring thing to do. And I abhor boring.

Exercising is not at all like going out and having a few drinks with you mates, and then someone says something funny, and then someone else makes a fool of themselves (hopefully not you, but it easily could be), and then you can have fun trying to piece it all together over a bloody mary or two the next morning. 

Exercise is more like you go to the yoga studio, by yourself (even if you have a friend there, it´s not like they can exercise for you, more´s the pity), and then you sweat a lot and stretch your body into weird shapes and feel really tired, and then you get a fabulous endorphin rush, but there´s not really much point because then you come home, write a blog post, and have to go to bed, directly, so that you aren´t a zombie the next day. 

And you can´t even have a cigarette to protest against the futility of it all!

Temptation of the day: NH going straight from work to the local to have a pint and watch the football. To his credit, he didn´t invite me. To my credit, I didn´t invite myself.
Yoga phrase of the day: “Lock your knees.”
Theft of the day: Towel from the yoga studio, inadvertantly. But I´ll have to take responsibility for not returning it, which is my cunning plan of inaction.