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Friendly conversation LV

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[T and AM  chatting to the 16-year-old “business development consultant”.]

16: So how old are you guys?
T: I’m 23 and she’s 21.
16: Really? That surprises me…
T: How old do you think we are then?
16: More like 18, 19.


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November 28, 2009 at 10.21

Family conversation LI

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Kim: So, will you be in contact on your phone while you’re on safari?
T: Probably not…
Kim: Will you email us?
T: Well, I don’t know how much internet access there’ll be.
Kim: Please send us an itinerary, at least.
T: I didn’t send you an itinerary when I went to Nepal.
Kim: Quite.
T: Did you send us an itinerary when you went to Cannes?
Kim: No, but this is AFRICA!
T: Dude, I’m from Africa!
Kim: I’m just trying to antagonise you.
T: Ja, I know you are; believe me, I’m antagonised.


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November 23, 2009 at 20.03

Friendly conversation LIV

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AM:  I didn’t know you were left-handed?
T: After our conversation the other day,  I would’ve  told you if I were! I’m right-handed; I just eat left-handed, cos my Mim does.
AM: Oh, okay.
T (mimes strangling): AM, I’m going to muuurder you!

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November 21, 2009 at 13.07

Three good things that happened yesterday

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1.  My application for a place on Ivo Vegter’s moon mission was successful. I’ll be joining the team as a cheesemaker 😉
2. I received my short-term contract for my new job, and discovered, to my pleasant surprise, that I get leave. Which makes sense, but I hadn’t been banking on it.
3. New Year’s plans are looking sorted, thanks in no small part to the energies of Mick. Seems that we’ll be running away with the fairies (and hobbits!).

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November 20, 2009 at 17.43

Oh, the people you’ll meet

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Last night we went on a jolly at The Wharf. Swilling Bellinis at the swanky pool bar, I briefly imagined I was at the Venice Biennale* but the feeling didn’t last long because really, it was completely different.

We were there for the food. But it’s the people we met that I will remember.

1. James Martin. Very lovely chef from Yorkshire, who explained to me why Yorkshire pudding is called “pudding”. Incidentally, his father was the catering manager at Castle Howard, where Brideshead Revisited – the second-best television series ever** – was filmed.

2. A person from a rival company who offered me a job. “I’m leaving Dubai,” I said. “We’re looking for someone at the moment,” they said. “I’m leaving Dubai,” I said. “Name your price,” they said. “I’m leaving Dubai,” I said.

3. A fellow Rhodent (and journalist), who used to be a waitress at the Red Cafe (still the Blue Room to old school Grahamstonians), and recognised me from hanging out there.  She seems supercool, and I wish I’d met her earlier, so we could’ve been friends. What is it with leaving a place? She’s the third Rhodent I’ve met since I resigned.

4. A 16-year-old “business development consultant”. I kid you not. He had a business card and everything. He looked about twelve, and I thought he was full of shit. Then his mummy came and chatted to us as well and, bizarrely enough, backed up his story. I still thought he was full of shit.

It was a weird and wonderful evening. I’m not sad to be leaving though.

* Inspired by Geoff Dyer’s excellent Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi, in which the  characters drank Bellinis – copiously and constantly – at least in the first half of the novel.

** If you don’t know what the best best television series ever is, well, you should. Or you could ask me really nicely.

Tea for two…

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I received several wonderful birthday presents last month, but the picture below, lovingly drawn by ABJ, is one of my absolute favourites. A Where’s Wally?-style teacup suits me to a, well, um, T!

Tea for two...

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November 13, 2009 at 17.22

Dodgy DVD VII, The last house on the left

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Since I’m out of Dubai pretty soon, thought I’d better get in another dodgy DVD post while I still have the chance. How many baddies do four evil countless villains make?!

What the story says was four evil countless villains has kidnapped the
young girl who in two produced the family, imprisoned them in leaves in
a their courtyard not far house to enter the voyage storm, the maltreat-
ment, suffered, finally killed cruelly. Afterward they run away accidentally
to a being killed girl’s family avoids captures. Child’s parents after clarify-
ing these people are kill their daughter the criminal, them gets drunk,
then punishes these villains with a crueler way, takes revenge for the

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November 10, 2009 at 23.46