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Three things I didn´t expect in Dubai

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1. The weather. The winter hardly compares to Liechtenstein, but it did snow the other day. Granted, not in Dubai itself, but Ras Al Khaimah, another one of the emirates. I could certainly have done with squeezing my midseasonal coat into my suitcase!

2. A racist doorman. When I had peeps over for lunch on Saturday all my caucasian friends simply waltzed upstairs, but Shennie Pie was obstructed by the security guy. Sad, but true.

3. To sit in the lounge with my housemate playing scrabble – on line. We decided it´s not geeky, as long as we don´t descend to Interweb chatting 😉


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January 28, 2009 at 21.03

Random fact of the week

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The collective noun for cranes is “siege” or “sedge”. I like both versions, so generally go with context when deciding which one to use. As you can imagine, large groups of cranes appear quite often in copy (not to mention real life) in this part of the world. And I had a feeling the correct phrase wasn´t “a forest of cranes”, as one freelancer would have had it.

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January 26, 2009 at 18.47

Three things that happened today

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1. I went for my x-ray and blood test. Quick and painless, except the nurse did ask if I was pregnant. Um, no, I just have a little extra weight around the stomach area at the moment. (Handsome Bob: “Don´t take it personally. They have to ask all the unmarried women.” T: “Actually, I was the only one they asked.”) At least the encounter spurred me into going swimming this evening!

2. When I arrived at work, I discovered we have a new intern, aka personal slave. I know how it´s hard when you start somewhere and no one gives you any direction, so I´ve taken her under my wing. And she does whatever I tell her. Nice.

3. My editor casually offered me a press junket to Malta in March. (“You may have to write something about it though.”) Sadly, the offer was retracted when he realised it would be during a deadline week. However, he did mention that we´re getting thrown loads of freebies at the moment, and he´ll come up with something for me… Woohoo!

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January 25, 2009 at 20.06

Friendly conversation XXIV

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A: I´m cold.
B: Why didn´t you bring a jacket?
A: I thought it would be hot.
B: You´ve been here three years. You should know it´s not always hot.
A: We live in the desert; it´s hot.
B: Some desserts can be cold. Like ice cream.

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January 23, 2009 at 11.35

Latest features

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Not sure if anyone´s noticed my reading list, which is located on the sidebar on the right of this page. Am too bloody lazy to write reviews of the books I´ve read, but will entertain discussions in the comment box.

Otherwise, I´m really disappointed that only four people have voted in my poll so far… Um, make that three, since I voted once at work, and once at home. C´mon guys, get voting – it´s no fun to be nameless until you make up your minds! Actually, “Trinny” is gaining popularity in Dubai – if you prefer a different nickname for me, you know how to make your voice heard.

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January 21, 2009 at 18.47

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Malapropism II

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In copy I was subbing the other day about the real estate market: “the bludgeoning appetite for office space and homes”. Damn those pesky freelancers with their burgeoning vocabularies!

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January 18, 2009 at 18.40

Trinny in Dubai

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You may have noticed that I´ve changed the name of my blog, again. (But not the url, cos I couldn´t be bothered to go through the palaver.) Let´s face it: “Trinklebean´s travels” was more than a wee bit trite. And Trinny is the new me, or is she?

I thought it was about time for another poll, so my readers can decide this one. What would you like to call me?

The contenders are:

1. Pinny – Actually Pinny Poodle, which I detested. Pim came up with this one because of my short little pins.

2. Reese – I´m glad to say no one has ever called me Reese, no offence to Ms Witherspoon.

3. Tea or Téa – The obvious nickname, I suppose, but I do have to credit ABJ for the very particular spelling. In Liechtenstein, this was varied to Téa, sometimes even Princess Téa.

4. Tess or Tessa – Initially vetoed because the mine were I lived until I was two had a dog called Tess. And I´m not that kind of bitch. Now though I am fairly ambivalent about Tess(a). Strawberries good; suicide bad.

5. Theresa – Mim and Pim picked this one originally. I´m certainly a fan, but it does ask to be shortened.

6. Tree or Trees – From school. I tend not to respond to “Trees are Green” though.

7. Tresa or Tresie – Been around since I was a little girl.

8. Trinks or Trinx – A childhood nickname, resurrected at varsity.

9. Trinny. Kim started calling me this just before I came to Dubai and not hard to guess who inspired her. I´d always assumed it was a nickname for Theresa, but I was wrong. Appears to come from a contraction of St Trinian´s.

10. Trinklebean – Coined by Shennie Pie, this moniker gained popularity a few years ago when I used it as an email address (and now as my blog url).

11. Other – Is there anything else you´ve ever called me, or would like to? Put suggestions in the comment box!