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Family conversation XLIII

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Nim: Do you have a towel for me?
T: Ja, take the blue and white one with ships on it hanging in the bathroom.
Nim: There is no towel with ships on it.
T: There are two towels in the bathroom. One is plain blue. One is blue and white with ships on it.
Nim: There is no towel with ships on it.
T: Okay, perhaps I was wrong then. Just take the blue and white towel!
Nim: Are you in a bad mood?
T: No, are you in a bad mood?
Nim: No.
T: Okay, I´ll come and show you the blue and white towel with ships on it then.
(Goes to bathroom; there is no towel with ships on it.)
Nim: Ha! Just because something is blue and white, it´s not necessarily a nautical theme. Especially if it
doesn´t have ships on it.

The score
Trinny: 0
Nim: 1


Written by Trinny

July 22, 2009 at 23.08

100 reasons why quitting smoking is a very good thing

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Even after three weeks, I am finding it difficult to maintain motivation (although I haven´t cracked yet). Personally, I can only think of one reason (see below) why I´m happy I quit smoking, and find it all to easy to come up with like 19 million counter reasons as to why I should quit quitting.

This is why I need your help. Please add a reason in the comment box below, and let´s try to get this list to 100 reasons! Ex-smokers´ input is especially welcome, although I´d like to hear from all of you. Only one reason per person, so make it a good one. No duplication and, if possible, spare us the obvious.

I´ll choose the reasons I like the best and add them to this post, with attribution (although bear in mind I reserve the right to edit your contributions).

1. “When you go out, you can take a tiny, teeny going-out bag, and not have to worry about how to carry your cigs.” –  Trinny.

2. “You don’t realise it, but those who don’t smoke can smell you… and you stink, especially when you’ve just come in from smoking outside. And your clothes, too, just hanging in your closet or, worse, my closet. Then we’ll go into your lungs… they stink, too.” – Aman.

3. “The only good thing is that my non-smoking boyfriend doesn’t nag me any more!” – Sharon.

4. “There’s that whole little ´You are reducing your risk of dying of lung cancer and having lungs that look like the Alberta tar sands´ thing…” – Bean.

5. “I can finally justify having a teeth whitening treatment without worrying they will be yellow again if I continue to smoke!” – Flickster.

6. “Because you can find a brilliant substitution delight like biltong, rosemary, suckers, or popcorn.” – Kim.

7. “Wives are not kept waiting or lingering in weird electronics shops so that husbands can smoke outside the mall.” – Shennie Pie.

8. “Your friends who are pregnant, have tiny babies or long hair that holds the smell of smoke can dine with you, without worrying that you might light up.” – Beccy.

9. “I’ve just got Rochelle and Lieze to quit too so there will be no one to smoke with when you get back to SA.” – Al.

10 “Non-smokers will want to kiss you. This means you’re effectively doubling your pool of potential suitors. Better even than being bisexual. Best of all, of course, is being a bisexual non-smoker.” – Moral Squeeze.

Healthy challenge, day XVIII

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Didn´t have the healthiest day. I did drink one g&t at the Irish Village after work. But only one. And one g&t upstairs while watching Frost/Nixon with TC. But only one. So that makes one g&t. And it was with slimline tonic, which makes it only half a g&t, right?

In my defence, I did seriously think about going for a swim. But considering Thursday is the weekend in this part of the world, and that I have exercised for the last five days in a row, I think a little slackitude is allowed… Back to yoga tomorrow though!

Achievement of the day: Not smoking at the Irish Village. 
Inspiration of the day: My Ollible cousin, who is on day 4 of quitting smoking himself.
Match of the day: g&t 2, Trinny 0

Some housekeeping

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Blog Awards

Well,  I finally submitted my nominations for the SA Blog Awards 2009, and hope you all have too, or will shortly, because the deadline is tomorrow! Actually, just checked, and the deadline has been extended to March 18 (that´s Wednesday), but still, time is running out…

Personally, I realised I didn´t have the heart to leave Mahendra out in the cold (imagine what fun he could have chosing a tie to wear to the awards ceremony!), so nominated this post for post of the year, because it still makes me laugh every time I read it… 

Oh, about the nominating process – there are a whole lot of rules, which I didn´t explain properly previously. So you can click on this link if you´re confused. The main rule is that you have to nominate at least three different blogs. You can submite your nomination without doing so, but it will be disqualified. So please ensure you´ve fulfilled this criterion. Okay, I´ll stop droning on about the blog awards now, and talk about something else…


Decided to close my poll, cos pretty sure eveyone who has wanted to vote has done so by now.

So, what should my name be?

1.Tea or Téa (32%)
2. Trinks or Trinx (21%)
3. Trinklebean (18%) 
4. Trinny (13%) 
5. Theresa (8%)
6. Other (5%) 
7. Tree or Trees (3%)

None of the other options garnered any votes, although I realise I left of “Tresa and Tresie”, so who knows if those options are popular or not. Thirty-eight votes, so not a bad turnout!

And what do I think of the results? Actually: “You can call me anything you like, as long as you don´t call me late for breakfast”. My grandpim always used to say this when I was growing up. I was never quite sure if this was simply a statement concerning his punctual nature, or if there was some latent deeper meaning. 


I´d like to go on record as saying I´m a fan of the new facebook layout. How do you guys feel about it?

Talking of Facebook, I have decided to maintain the original group for people interested in my blog, which is called Liech, life, and everything else. Join this group if you´d like to receive a message every time I update my blog. However, I´ve also started a Trinny in Dubai fan page. Become a fan if you´d like to get an update about my blog activity once a week or so. If you want to be part of both groups, it´s not my fault if you complain of information overload! If you don´t do Facebook, then you can subscribe to my blog by clicking on the subscribe by email link on the righthand-side of the screen. Otherwise, you can find me on Twitter.

Healthy challenge, day I

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12.23 pm on 9.3. 2009 

Does that sound like an auspicious time and date to you? It doesn´t, particularly, to me but, in the tradition of Zeno, it marks the occasion of my “last cigarette” – for a  month at least.

Why quit now, rather than when I´m 30, as has long been my intention? Well, I´m participating in a health and fitness feature for one of my company´s magazines. Hopefully, the prospect of a bollocking from my friends and colleagues if I let them, and myself, down will keep me motivated (haha). Not only am I not smoking for four weeks, but I´m also not drinking; eating healthily; and attempting some sort of exercise regime.

“Oh, you mean you´re changing your personality!” quipped one friend on gchat. Indeed, I am. Hell, I´ve already changed my name this year. Changing my lifestyle as well shouldn´t be too much of a problem. (Okay, maybe
I´m lying. Or thinking wishfully.)

Whatever, I´m going to give it a go. Sorting out exercise at a yoga/pilates studio from tomorrow – just waiting for them to return my call. But went swimming this evening. And didn´t eat any carbs. Neither did I smoke any cigarettes, nor drink any alcohol, even though my house guest indulged in both these past times.

Verdict of the day: Am generally happy with the start of  my campaign, although I did drink too much tea and coffee.
Premonition of the day: This is not going to get any easier.
Question of the day: Is popcorn a carbohydrate? ( I suspect it is, but I might eat some anyway. There´s only so much a girl can deny herself!)

Latest features

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Not sure if anyone´s noticed my reading list, which is located on the sidebar on the right of this page. Am too bloody lazy to write reviews of the books I´ve read, but will entertain discussions in the comment box.

Otherwise, I´m really disappointed that only four people have voted in my poll so far… Um, make that three, since I voted once at work, and once at home. C´mon guys, get voting – it´s no fun to be nameless until you make up your minds! Actually, “Trinny” is gaining popularity in Dubai – if you prefer a different nickname for me, you know how to make your voice heard.

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January 21, 2009 at 18.47

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Trinny in Dubai

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You may have noticed that I´ve changed the name of my blog, again. (But not the url, cos I couldn´t be bothered to go through the palaver.) Let´s face it: “Trinklebean´s travels” was more than a wee bit trite. And Trinny is the new me, or is she?

I thought it was about time for another poll, so my readers can decide this one. What would you like to call me?

The contenders are:

1. Pinny – Actually Pinny Poodle, which I detested. Pim came up with this one because of my short little pins.

2. Reese – I´m glad to say no one has ever called me Reese, no offence to Ms Witherspoon.

3. Tea or Téa – The obvious nickname, I suppose, but I do have to credit ABJ for the very particular spelling. In Liechtenstein, this was varied to Téa, sometimes even Princess Téa.

4. Tess or Tessa – Initially vetoed because the mine were I lived until I was two had a dog called Tess. And I´m not that kind of bitch. Now though I am fairly ambivalent about Tess(a). Strawberries good; suicide bad.

5. Theresa – Mim and Pim picked this one originally. I´m certainly a fan, but it does ask to be shortened.

6. Tree or Trees – From school. I tend not to respond to “Trees are Green” though.

7. Tresa or Tresie – Been around since I was a little girl.

8. Trinks or Trinx – A childhood nickname, resurrected at varsity.

9. Trinny. Kim started calling me this just before I came to Dubai and not hard to guess who inspired her. I´d always assumed it was a nickname for Theresa, but I was wrong. Appears to come from a contraction of St Trinian´s.

10. Trinklebean – Coined by Shennie Pie, this moniker gained popularity a few years ago when I used it as an email address (and now as my blog url).

11. Other – Is there anything else you´ve ever called me, or would like to? Put suggestions in the comment box!