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Friendly conversation LIX

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Two bored subs in an email conversation… It’s funnier if you know what copy we were working on at the time. Or, perhaps, not funnier, just (even) sillier.

T: Cool beans… and good karma.
Ralph: Coffee beans… and good java 😉
T: Jumping beans… and a shot of tequila :p
Ralph: Has beens… and a shot to the head 🙂
T: Magic beans… and sacred cows.
Ralph: Fee fi fo fum, I smell… holy bull crap!


Family (in the) news

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Had my first mention in a Dubai newspaper today. You might spot another familiar name quoted as well. Some factual errors and glaring ommissions in the article though – not least of which was the failure to mention the Democratic Alliance, who are probably going to be the official opposition again, despite Shennie Pie and my hopes the contrary. Hey, I merely proffered my opinion, I didn´t write or, more pertinently, sub the copy…

Rumour has it that younger brother Nim has also been making headlines – in the Grocitt.  Actually, the article is apparently about The Kingfisher, the bar in his digs, rather than about him personally, but it still counts. Unfortunately, it´s not up on line… Any Grahamstonians out there who can scan and send me a copy?

From our in-house newsletter

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Trinny at the officeBig up to the third floor´s latest South African signing, Theresa Mallinson. Trinny joined in early January, arriving from a company in Liechtenstein (That´s right, Liechtenstein). The wordsmith brings her superb subbing skills to the business side of our magazine empire. Interesting factoid: bookworm Mallinson will read 10 novels in a one-week beach holiday.

Written by Trinny

February 6, 2009 at 12.15

Random fact of the week

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The collective noun for cranes is “siege” or “sedge”. I like both versions, so generally go with context when deciding which one to use. As you can imagine, large groups of cranes appear quite often in copy (not to mention real life) in this part of the world. And I had a feeling the correct phrase wasn´t “a forest of cranes”, as one freelancer would have had it.

Written by Trinny

January 26, 2009 at 18.47