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Family conversation XL

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T: So we could go on the Jumeirah Mosque tour, but that´s like at ten on Saturday morning. 
Mim: Which is a problem, why?
T: Well, The Charlatans are playing on Friday night.
Mim: Oh, yes, I remember them. Well, you must do what you want to do.
Pim: What´s this about The Parlotones
T: No, not The Parlotones, The Charlatans.
Pim: The Charlatans are playing at the mosque?


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April 30, 2009 at 21.29

Friendly conversation XXX

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In the lift…

Colleague: It´s getting hotter.
T: Ja, I know, I don´t know how I´m going to survive summer when it gets to 50 degrees!
Colleague: Don´t worry: it never gets to 50, only 49.

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April 29, 2009 at 21.08

Family (in the) news

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Had my first mention in a Dubai newspaper today. You might spot another familiar name quoted as well. Some factual errors and glaring ommissions in the article though – not least of which was the failure to mention the Democratic Alliance, who are probably going to be the official opposition again, despite Shennie Pie and my hopes the contrary. Hey, I merely proffered my opinion, I didn´t write or, more pertinently, sub the copy…

Rumour has it that younger brother Nim has also been making headlines – in the Grocitt.  Actually, the article is apparently about The Kingfisher, the bar in his digs, rather than about him personally, but it still counts. Unfortunately, it´s not up on line… Any Grahamstonians out there who can scan and send me a copy?

Last week pizza, this week thousands of dibs

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Had a disappointing response to my offer of free pizza. But Rustum´s thoughtful analysis of the state of Cape Town pizzerias is a deserving winner, even if was, ahem, the only entry. Dude, I´ll email you details of how to claim your Butler´s. It´s my pleasure to help feed the starving artist. 

But this week, there´s a much better (potential) prize on offer. Every morning on the way to work – well, to be fair, those mornings I get up in time to catch the silver bullet – TC and I are confronted with the secret sound on Dubai 92. Our first guess was “scrabble letters in a bag “, but we discovered that had already been suggested and was the: “Wrong answer, stupid!” TC is convinced the secret sound has something to do with lettuce, but I´m not sold.

Although we´re pretty much stumped, I still fancy getting my hands on 47,000 dibs (and rising), or even part thereof. Here´s what I propose. You, my friends and readers back home and other places, submit your guesses as to the provenance of the secret sound via the comment box. Click on the links to hear the pesky sound and see a list of previous wrong answers, stupid. TC and I will select the guess we reckon is most plausible, then
I´ll text it to the station and, cross fingers, take the call from Catboy and Geordiebird.

If we happen to win, and I just know we will, what with all you creative geniuses working on a sound solution, money is split equally three ways. One third for the winning guesser, one third for the facilitor (yes, that´d be me), and one third for my morning chauffeur. Believe it, because it´s true. And yes, clicking on that last link will lead you to a gratuitous Corné and Twakkie video. Maybe I´m just missing home?

Election fervour, or not…

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Was rather disappointed not to be able to vote on Wednesday, owing to my ID book´s propensity not to be in the same country as its owner.  I´ll have to leave it to the rest of you lot to cast your ballots wisely this coming week. 

But after I took the M&G´s poll predictor, I realised perhaps it was a good thing that I couldn´t have my say. According to the test, I should be voting for the DA or the IFP. Quite a shock to discover what I believe I believe isn´t actually what I do believe. The only fact I´m proud of is that I didn´t agree with the FFP on any of their policies. But then, who does?

At least COPE was my third option. And since it´s a proudly South African tradition not to consider policy when chosing for whom to vote, I reckon I would´ve stuck by them, cognitive dissonance be damned! Who are you voting for on Wednesday? Or is it a secret?

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April 18, 2009 at 23.31

Three kak things

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1. Couldn´t vote yesterday because my ID book is at home in South Africa.

2. The AC in our flat appears to be broken. Not a problem you can put off fixing – not in this climate, anyway.

3. I have started smoking again, sigh… But  I very much intend to make another attempt to quit, soonest. If you haven´t already, please give me one reason why “quitting smoking is a very good thing“, for further inspiration.

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April 16, 2009 at 20.01

Three things I learnt in Cyprus

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1. Don´t ask for a Turkish Coffee when you´re in Cyprus. At least I got to learn this one by proxy, after a fellow journo made the gaffe.

2. Russia is going to be a superpower again, if she´s not already… Learnt this from a Russian colleague on the press junket with me. She didn´t say so, in as many words. But I drew my own conclusions.

3. Courtesy of Greek mythology: if you think your dearly beloved has died, don´t kill yourself. They are probably still alive (if not kicking). The only reason they don´t run into your arms as expected is because
they´re too busy hiding behind a rock or summat.

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April 14, 2009 at 22.37