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Family conversation LV

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T: Damnit, I think gran saw me smoking.
Kim: Don’t worry, all it means is that you’re the granddaughter of her heart.
T: No, it means I’m the granddaughter of her lungs.


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December 27, 2009 at 18.44

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Family conversation XLIX

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After T has, very considerately, gone outside onto the balcony of the Plett flat to have a cigarette…

Mim:  You’re not allowed to smoke here.
T: Even on the balcony?
Mim: Even on the balcony.
T: Is that your rule, or the body corporate’s rule?
Mim: She asks, continuing to puff on her cigarette…* It’s both.
T: Okay, I’ll just finish this one, and I won’t do it again. Anyway, I have only six days left before I quit, so I have to smoke as much as possible before then!

* Please note, this is Mim commenting on T’s behaviour, not Mim smoking, which she would never ever do.

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September 30, 2009 at 20.52

Three kak things

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1. Couldn´t vote yesterday because my ID book is at home in South Africa.

2. The AC in our flat appears to be broken. Not a problem you can put off fixing – not in this climate, anyway.

3. I have started smoking again, sigh… But  I very much intend to make another attempt to quit, soonest. If you haven´t already, please give me one reason why “quitting smoking is a very good thing“, for further inspiration.

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April 16, 2009 at 20.01

100 reasons why quitting smoking is a very good thing

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Even after three weeks, I am finding it difficult to maintain motivation (although I haven´t cracked yet). Personally, I can only think of one reason (see below) why I´m happy I quit smoking, and find it all to easy to come up with like 19 million counter reasons as to why I should quit quitting.

This is why I need your help. Please add a reason in the comment box below, and let´s try to get this list to 100 reasons! Ex-smokers´ input is especially welcome, although I´d like to hear from all of you. Only one reason per person, so make it a good one. No duplication and, if possible, spare us the obvious.

I´ll choose the reasons I like the best and add them to this post, with attribution (although bear in mind I reserve the right to edit your contributions).

1. “When you go out, you can take a tiny, teeny going-out bag, and not have to worry about how to carry your cigs.” –  Trinny.

2. “You don’t realise it, but those who don’t smoke can smell you… and you stink, especially when you’ve just come in from smoking outside. And your clothes, too, just hanging in your closet or, worse, my closet. Then we’ll go into your lungs… they stink, too.” – Aman.

3. “The only good thing is that my non-smoking boyfriend doesn’t nag me any more!” – Sharon.

4. “There’s that whole little ´You are reducing your risk of dying of lung cancer and having lungs that look like the Alberta tar sands´ thing…” – Bean.

5. “I can finally justify having a teeth whitening treatment without worrying they will be yellow again if I continue to smoke!” – Flickster.

6. “Because you can find a brilliant substitution delight like biltong, rosemary, suckers, or popcorn.” – Kim.

7. “Wives are not kept waiting or lingering in weird electronics shops so that husbands can smoke outside the mall.” – Shennie Pie.

8. “Your friends who are pregnant, have tiny babies or long hair that holds the smell of smoke can dine with you, without worrying that you might light up.” – Beccy.

9. “I’ve just got Rochelle and Lieze to quit too so there will be no one to smoke with when you get back to SA.” – Al.

10 “Non-smokers will want to kiss you. This means you’re effectively doubling your pool of potential suitors. Better even than being bisexual. Best of all, of course, is being a bisexual non-smoker.” – Moral Squeeze.

Healthy challenge, day XIV

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So, ja, although I´ve skipped posting for a few days, I haven´t skimped on my resolve, and am on day 14 of not smoking. Turns out my stomach cramps were totally from quitting, but am feeling loads better now. Previously, I was toying with the idea of giving up for a month, and then reverting to my original plan (that is, smoke as much as I possibly can before I turn 30, and then give up again). However, there is *no way* I am going through all the pain again, so going to try push through with giving up the smokes for good… 

And otherwise? Well, Tom & Jerry and I went for “one drink” after work Thursday, which turned into many more, so not doing quite as well on the temperance programme as I´d like. That said, I didn´t smoke while I was drinking, which is something…

And back at pilates/yoga again after my absence last week. The former yesterday and the latter today. Although I have a very lovely pilates instructor, I am finding that I much prefer yoga. For some bizarre reason, I keep wanting to fall asleep during pilates! Off to bed now then, and will keep you updated tomorrow…

Yoga phrase of the day: This is really good for your reproductive organs. 
Serendipity of the day: Making a new friend at yoga. 
Achievement of the day: Back on the wagon.

Healthy challenge, day VII

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I am beginning to understand why I have never felt the need to exercise before. It´s just such a boring thing to do. And I abhor boring.

Exercising is not at all like going out and having a few drinks with you mates, and then someone says something funny, and then someone else makes a fool of themselves (hopefully not you, but it easily could be), and then you can have fun trying to piece it all together over a bloody mary or two the next morning. 

Exercise is more like you go to the yoga studio, by yourself (even if you have a friend there, it´s not like they can exercise for you, more´s the pity), and then you sweat a lot and stretch your body into weird shapes and feel really tired, and then you get a fabulous endorphin rush, but there´s not really much point because then you come home, write a blog post, and have to go to bed, directly, so that you aren´t a zombie the next day. 

And you can´t even have a cigarette to protest against the futility of it all!

Temptation of the day: NH going straight from work to the local to have a pint and watch the football. To his credit, he didn´t invite me. To my credit, I didn´t invite myself.
Yoga phrase of the day: “Lock your knees.”
Theft of the day: Towel from the yoga studio, inadvertantly. But I´ll have to take responsibility for not returning it, which is my cunning plan of inaction.

Healthy challenge, day VI

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Today was my first private pilates lesson. It was fine and some of the exercises I learnt even seemed kinda familiar from yoga class. Will elaborate another day, but all this healthy living is taking it out of me, so right now I´m off to sleep…

Pilates phrase of the day:  “Corset your ribs.”
Temptation of the day: Mr Moose having the effrontry to ask me to buy him cigarettes with my money, and then proceeding to smoke them in front of me. In his defence, he was being absentminded rather than vicious. 
Indignity of the day: Taxi driver telling me yoga was good exercise “for women”.

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March 14, 2009 at 23.51