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Friendly conversation XLIII

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TM: When you guys leave, I´m going to cry. I´ll just sit quietly at my computer and do my work, but there´ll be a constant stream of tears running down my cheeks.
TC: Tears of milk, ha!
Hendog: Tears of Heineken, more likely!


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July 14, 2009 at 21.33

Friendly conversation XLI

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TC: I´m having a beer first, but please choose some wine for later.
TM: Okay.
TC: Oh dear, I´m sensing it´s going be an out til five…
TM: More like out til five hundred dibs!

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July 11, 2009 at 13.34

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Family conversation XLII

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Family philosophy…

Cousin O: I´m actually really looking forward to my flight back to Mexico.
Cousin P: Why? It´s 10 hours long.
Cousin O: I know. But you don´t have to do anything. Ten hours of just doing nothing at all…
Cousin P: And someone will bring you a beer whenever you want!

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May 29, 2009 at 11.46

Healthy challenge, day VII

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I am beginning to understand why I have never felt the need to exercise before. It´s just such a boring thing to do. And I abhor boring.

Exercising is not at all like going out and having a few drinks with you mates, and then someone says something funny, and then someone else makes a fool of themselves (hopefully not you, but it easily could be), and then you can have fun trying to piece it all together over a bloody mary or two the next morning. 

Exercise is more like you go to the yoga studio, by yourself (even if you have a friend there, it´s not like they can exercise for you, more´s the pity), and then you sweat a lot and stretch your body into weird shapes and feel really tired, and then you get a fabulous endorphin rush, but there´s not really much point because then you come home, write a blog post, and have to go to bed, directly, so that you aren´t a zombie the next day. 

And you can´t even have a cigarette to protest against the futility of it all!

Temptation of the day: NH going straight from work to the local to have a pint and watch the football. To his credit, he didn´t invite me. To my credit, I didn´t invite myself.
Yoga phrase of the day: “Lock your knees.”
Theft of the day: Towel from the yoga studio, inadvertantly. But I´ll have to take responsibility for not returning it, which is my cunning plan of inaction.

Family conversation XVI

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Mim: It’s not nice to drink beer when you’re sick.
T: Sometimes I like to have a beer when I come home from work.
MIm: But it’s not nice when you’re sick.
T: Have you ever had a beer when you’re sick?
Mim: No.
T: Then how would you know?
Mim: I just know I wouldn’t want one, because it wouldn’t be nice.
T: You’re right. I should be downing some whiskey.

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October 17, 2008 at 20.11

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Fun at the fair

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Kate and I spent our afternoon catching up on “Internet admin”. Then we headed down to Vaduz for some “party planning”, that is, we intended to grab a bite to eat, and buy copious amounts of beer for said party.

However, once we descended to the city centre, we found it magically transformed into a fully fledged fun fair. I hate to think how much it cost. But it was my birthday, and I didn´t want to sully my mind with hateful thoughts, so I didn´t think about it, and drank some beer instead.

Kate wanted to go on a ride. I am scared of rides. But, in case you forget, it was my birthday, which meant one of two things: either I oould stamp my foot and refuse, or I could embrace the new experience, in the guise of one who gains maturity with age. I chose the latter course of action, and finally realised why fairs are fun.

We went on some kind of higgledy-piggledy ride (I´m not an expert, so couldn´t give you its proper name, even if I cared). I managed to flash the whole of Vaduz, but I didn´t care about that either. There was a moment, when the ride paused for a couple of seconds, and we were looking up directly at das Schlöss, which was bathed in light (think Table Mountain), when I wouldn´t have been anywhere else in the world…

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February 17, 2008 at 22.58

Third visit

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6 October 2007

Today was an exciting one for me. Not only was it my birthday, but my dear friend Kate was coming to visit. I had actually planned to be in London, but for once my indecisive nature and lack of forward planning had paid off! As it was, I rose early to meet Kate at the station in Feldkirch. It was marvellous to see someone from UCT days, and I literally ran into her arms.

After joyful greetings, it was time to go for coffee, and hear all about Kate´s experiences with yodelling Austrian boys the evening before. Naturally, an extended sex-and-the-mother-city chat was called for, as we had much gossip to exchange about mutual friends. “Are you sure the people at the next table can´t understand what we´re saying?” Kate asked nervously. I didn´t notice any widening eyes or blushing cheeks, so I assume we were safe.

Next we met up with Eszter and hit the shops. My first salary was burning a hole in my pocket, and it was time to do some serious spending! We made a pilgrimage to H&M where I splurged out on two “birthday” dresses, Kate bought a top and skirt, and Eszter bought some trousers. Whenever I go shopping in Feldkirch, I think of Kate.

Bear in mind, Kate was only my fourth visitor. Some way to go until I reach my 20th visitor, whom shall receive just recognition: a case of Liechtenstein´s finest brew!

But Kate´s visit wasn´t yet over. After a quick lunch, we headed back to Vaduz to do some party planning for the evening´s celebrations. To be continued…

Visitor count: Mim, Pim, Rude Larry, Kate (4)

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February 16, 2008 at 16.56