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Urban Theresa

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Since I don’t have any time in my days (or nights, for that matter) to write a proper blog post, I thought I’d treat my readers to a spot of urbaning*:


1. A cute, smart, talented girl. She’s really cool and can find humour in almost anything. Everyone likes her. She has a beautiful smile and pretty eyes.
Theresa is too cool for school.

2. Spelled “Theresa”, it was ranked as the 717th most popular name for girls born in 2006, down from 226th in 1992. (It ranked 65th in 1950, and 102nd in 1900.) The name implies one who is destined to work hard, but who will receive great bounty for her efforts. Hot – as people call it, pretty, cute, beautiful, humorous, talented, a hard-to-hate sort of girl. The one that everybody likes.  The name St Therese, Theresa, or Teresa – no particular way of spelling it** – means little flower; a flower representing beauty and grace.
“I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses.” – St Therese.
Theresa, with her natural beauty and grace, will become a woman who changed life as it is.

3. v. To have a major spaz, often including screaming, smacking, pulling hair, and shunning.
She “awoke” and went theresa on the aliens.

4.  Usually a young girl who dresses like a whore to attract innocent teen males; resembles someone from a trailer park; always has her bra hanging out.
Ew, did you see him go to prom with Theresa? Her bra was all over the place!
One question and one request:
Which “Theresa” you think I am?
And let me know about your urban slang persona(e).
The comment box awaits.
* Typically, I couldn’t resist lightly editing the entries, if only for spelling and grammar. This took a little time but was preferable to vomiting in parentheses after every second word.

** Um, I’d beg to differ. I’m very particular indeed about how people spell my name. And about how they pronounce it, for that matter.


Friendly conversation XLV

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T: How many countries have you been to?
KE: I don´t know. I stopped counting after 30.
T: I´ve only been to 13.
KE: Well, that´s not bad. It´s probably all you´re allowed to go to.

Sadly, she´s not that far wrong. That said, the scarcity of options and the prevalence of visa requirements did influence my decision to visit Nepal, and I am very happy I went.

And travel plans for the future? Looks like South America is probably the best option!

How many countries have you visited? Comments in the box below, please.

Written by Trinny

August 10, 2009 at 21.45

Three good things that happened today

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1. I decided to go on holiday next week.
2. Not a baldy was blessed with its first comment by someone who is not personally known to me.
3. Going for a freebie dinner with the 618 massive tonight.

Written by Trinny

July 28, 2009 at 17.52

Free pizza, anyone?

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So, ja, I didn´t win big, or small, at the South African Blog Awards. In fact, if the results were announced in order of number of votes, I came last in my category. But thanks to those of you who voted for me anyway!

And now, I have a little reward. All nominees receive two free pizzas from Butler´s. Now, if it were two free pizzas from Diva, I might be tempted to hop on a plane, but as it is, I´m gonna share the cheese… Capetonians have until Thursday April 16 to submit their comments as to why I should give my prize to them. Most pizzalicious comment wins 😉

Three good things that happened this week

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1. I am a finalist in the SA Blog Awards Best Overseas Blog category. Don´t foget: voting closes on March 31. 

2. I am going on a press junket to Cyprus next month. Cross fingers my schengen visa comes through in time. 

3. I am going to see Coldplay in Abu Dhabi tomorrow with NH (thanks!). Given Kim´s comment on my chakra,
I´m anticipating that listening to ´Yellow´ will boost my will power re. not smoking.

Healthy challenge, day XVI

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Didn´t have any exercise scheduled for today, but went for a brief swim when I got home from work. Actually, I was *almost* tempted to put in a surprise appearance at yoga after a hectic day, but decided I´d rather have some time to myself in the evening for a change. Not doing too well on the healthy eating at the moment (chicken tikka masala for lunch), but hey, it ´s crunch time at the office and I have to keep going somehow on my first non-smoking deadline!

Encouragement of the day: Kim´s comments re. my yellow chakra
Exercise of the day: Swimming.  
Temptation of the day:  Saying no to that deadline cigarette.

Healthy challenge, day III

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A few of my friends and family had some suggestions regarding which form of exercise I should choose for the healthy challenge. Aqua aerobics (promising) and kick boxing (be honest, can you really see me kick boxing?!) both featured. That said, I don´t imaging many people could see me doing bikram yoga either… 

I was really nervous about going to class today. I mean, I know the point of yoga is like to focus and relax into yourself, but  still, I was worried about not doing it right. What if I was exhaling when everyone else was inhaling?!

It was good to have Heidi with me for encouragement. And even though she´s a natural athlete and was totally better than me, I know that´s not the point, so I´m not at all jealous (okay, well only a little bit).

So, first impressions? Well, for starters, it was fucking hot. By the end of the 90 minutes I looked like a tomato. A very sweaty tomato. But, and here´s the thing, I felt fantastic. It´s a long time since I let those exercise endorphins run riot in my body: they had fun, and so did I. I felt like I imagine Pim does when he´s had too many painkillers at the dentist. Except my buzz was what I believe is known as a “natural high”. 

I´ll write more about the actual class and different postures next time I go – for my first lesson I was too busy wiping the sweat from my brow while trying to balance on one leg to make any detailed observations…

Temptation of the day: Guy behind the counter at my friendly corner shop asking if I wanted to buy a packet of smokes. I uttered a very sore, “No, thank you.”
Yoga phrase of the day:  “Looking, but not seeing.”
Request of the day: Just because I was making fun of the gym bunnies who commented on my first healthy challenge post, it doesn´t mean I don´t want anyone to comment. I was only teasing, honest. I´m gonna need your comments and further encouragement throughout the month, please!