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Where in the world is my family?

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Wednesday 11 August was an auspicious day for my family. We finally fulfilled a long-cherished ambition of mine that each one of us would be in a different country at the same time.  (I’m not quite sure why I so like this idea concept, when I very much appreciate it when we ‘re all together in the same room, at least in theory –  also a rare occurance – but there you have it.)

If you care, here’s where we all were.
Pim – London for a couple of hours en route to California and taking over the world with solar power.
Mim – Alemaya, Ethiopia, giving a course on setting up online learning  platforms (in an environment with no internet access!)
Kim – Los Angeles, being famous.
Nate Dogg*- Grahamstown, in the Law Library (depending on your level of gullibility, but I’m his older sister so of course that’s where he was).
Trinny –  Olympos, Turkey, working on her suntan.

Which one of us would you rather be ? Comments in the box, please.

* Regular readers of this blog might remember I used to refer to Nate Dogg as ‘Nim’ for consistency’s sake, but he really wasn’t down with that, hence the hip-hop moniker.


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