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Last chance to vote

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In case you haven’t realised yet, my sister Kim has made a supercool music video for Moby’s single Wait For Me, and it’s going to be on TV and all over the interweb and she’s going to be famous and stuff. Well, maybe. To convert that maybe into a definitely, we need your help.

Please check out her video by clicking on this link and do vote if you like it. No silly registration hassle – you just need to enter your email address, and then click on email validation delivered directly to your inbox. And if you really like it lots and lots, please tell all your friends about it too. Deadline for voting is on Monday April 12, so get clicking!

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQs below. And thanks for your support!


Q: Is this spam, cunningly disguised as a blog post?
A: No, spam is a revolting mystery meat; Clea is not a piece of meat, she is my sister.

Q: If Clea’s video is allegedly so cool, why doesn’t she have the most votes yet?
A: The competition opened in late February, but Clea only posted her video at the end of March. We’re playing catch-up.

Q: Why should I vote for Clea? Can’t I decide for myself and vote for someone else?
A: I am Clea’s PR, not the website PR, which is why I’ve posted a link directly to her video. But you’re welcome to check out all the other entries and vote for your favourite. In fact, you’re allowed to vote for more than one video if you can’t decide between them.

Q: Why are you posting this on your blog that nobody ever reads? Have you never heard of social networking?
A: We’re just trying to cover all bases. If you’re interested, you can find us on Facebook or follow Kim on Twitter.

Q: Why are you posting this on your blog, again, when your previous two postings have been on the exact same topic.
A: Sorry, I wasn’t sure you were paying attention.

Q: Why is Kim not famous already?
A: We’re working on it; your vote will help.

Q: I clicked on the link, and voted for Kim’s video, and told all my friends, just like you said. I LOVE her video, and would like her to make a music video for my band. How do I get in touch?
A: Submit a comment and leave your details. Kim and her management will respond promptly.


Written by Trinny

April 11, 2010 at 21.58

Election fervour, or not…

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Was rather disappointed not to be able to vote on Wednesday, owing to my ID book´s propensity not to be in the same country as its owner.  I´ll have to leave it to the rest of you lot to cast your ballots wisely this coming week. 

But after I took the M&G´s poll predictor, I realised perhaps it was a good thing that I couldn´t have my say. According to the test, I should be voting for the DA or the IFP. Quite a shock to discover what I believe I believe isn´t actually what I do believe. The only fact I´m proud of is that I didn´t agree with the FFP on any of their policies. But then, who does?

At least COPE was my third option. And since it´s a proudly South African tradition not to consider policy when chosing for whom to vote, I reckon I would´ve stuck by them, cognitive dissonance be damned! Who are you voting for on Wednesday? Or is it a secret?

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April 18, 2009 at 23.31

Three kak things

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1. Couldn´t vote yesterday because my ID book is at home in South Africa.

2. The AC in our flat appears to be broken. Not a problem you can put off fixing – not in this climate, anyway.

3. I have started smoking again, sigh… But  I very much intend to make another attempt to quit, soonest. If you haven´t already, please give me one reason why “quitting smoking is a very good thing“, for further inspiration.

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April 16, 2009 at 20.01

Free pizza, anyone?

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So, ja, I didn´t win big, or small, at the South African Blog Awards. In fact, if the results were announced in order of number of votes, I came last in my category. But thanks to those of you who voted for me anyway!

And now, I have a little reward. All nominees receive two free pizzas from Butler´s. Now, if it were two free pizzas from Diva, I might be tempted to hop on a plane, but as it is, I´m gonna share the cheese… Capetonians have until Thursday April 16 to submit their comments as to why I should give my prize to them. Most pizzalicious comment wins 😉

Healthy challenge, day XXII

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Managed to make the six o´clock yoga class this evening, which I much prefer to the eight o´clock one, as gives me more time to faff around at home before going to bed.

Had a new instructor – he´s filling in for someone on leave. I thought Brian´s classes were tough, but this dude is on another level. Sounds like he´s commentating on a horse race the way he puts us through our paces! 

Yoga phrase of the day: Learn to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable position.
Song of the day: Why does it always rain on me? Yip, the weather still hasn´t let up yet! 
Reminder of the day: Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31) is the last day you can vote in the SA Blog Awards 2009. Make sure your voice is counted before it´s too late…

Three good things that happened this week

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1. I am a finalist in the SA Blog Awards Best Overseas Blog category. Don´t foget: voting closes on March 31. 

2. I am going on a press junket to Cyprus next month. Cross fingers my schengen visa comes through in time. 

3. I am going to see Coldplay in Abu Dhabi tomorrow with NH (thanks!). Given Kim´s comment on my chakra,
I´m anticipating that listening to ´Yellow´ will boost my will power re. not smoking.

Don´t you wish you could vote?

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Fairly late in the day, but found this supercool website, where we can all at least pretend that our vote counts in the US elections. Click on the link; I know you want to!

If only Obama´s support in the US was as much as it is in the rest of the world (admittedly, among an audience privileged enough to have internet access), the networks would´ve called the election already!

Written by Trinny

November 4, 2008 at 19.58