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The princess and the HIV test

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Near the beginning of this month I went for a quickie HIV test, although not actually on World AIDS Day, because I try not to be a walking cliche. You know, it’s been a while since I’ve had a test, and being deported from Dubai is a life experience I’m quite happy to miss out on. 

So I went to a government clinic, conveniently located off Long Street. My counsellor was wonderful, and totally put me at ease. Although she did skimp a bit on information about HIV/AIDS , this was only after she realised I already had more than a basic understanding of the virus. The most important part, for me, was the question about what I would do if I tested positive. It’s really a good exercise to have to predict your reaction, and then try to work out the most constructive way forward.

While I was waiting for my results, 11 other people came in and out of the clinic. Although they weren’t all there to be tested, they were all women. I remarked on this to my counsellor, who said it was: “like the weather. Some days there are only men; some days only women. But, overall, there are more women.” I’ll let this fact speak for itself.

Fifteen minutes after my test I walked out of the clinic with a spring in my step, and a bruise on my finger from where they’d taken just a small prick of blood. I really am like the Princess and the pea

Testing negative was a really positive experience for me. And, had I tested positive, I would’ve been totally comfortable with finding out the news at the clinic I went to, rather than anywhere else, even though I’d just walked in off the street. God knows, the government has a lot of work to do on our country’s HIV/AIDS policy, but I was really impressed with the counselling.

We can´t all be Zackie, and I know if I did have AIDS, I´d be very grateful for my private medical aid, but I was presently surprised at the level of professionalism and efficiency I encountered at a government health clinic. Whether they´d give me antiretrovirals if I needed them is another matter, however…


Things I have lost, in no particular order

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Am feeling lazy today: found this old note that I posted on Facebook in August last year, and thought it belonged on my blog with the rest of my ramblings. Hopefully not so much of my stuff will be missing when I pack for Dubai. And at least I finally have some new glasses!

1. Nomvula by Freshlyground – I am so anti copying South African music, but will simply have to in this particular case.
2. My glasses – which didn’t survive the Belville Velodrome last Saturday. Oops.
3. A pair of grey trousers – so very useful for work, but they have disappeared for a while now.
4. The first Nouvelle Vague CD – I have a distinct memory of lending it to someone, I know not who. If you have it, please bring to my party on Saturday! 
5. My long red jacket – I can live without it, but I’d rather not.
6. My Clinique coral lipstick – which I bought at the Edgars beauty sale (beauty sale at work, not beauty sale at shop). And coral shades are so hot right now, damnit!
7. A pair of grey Capri pants – whoever has been purloining my clothes obviously has a taste for grey.
8. My beautiful pink glass earrings – from the glass earring factory in Kenya, where, incidentally, Merryl Streep also buys her earrings. Am holding onto the hope they are somewhere in Grahamstown. GX, please don’t hate me. And if you go to Kenya again, pretty please buy me some more!
9. Random other stuff – hey, I don’t even realise it’s gone yet, but when I remember it’ll hurt.
10. Any chance of a decent night’s sleep – am going to catch a few hours now, so goodnight 😉

Malapropism I

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Subs' pen

The other day I was reading People magazine (don’t ask!) when I came across the following sentence in an article about cholera: “In areas where water is circumspect you can purify water by boiling it for three minutes at 85 degrees.”

Now, even I’ll admit subeditors are not always right, but it’s really not cool when they’re wrong.  In addition to the malapropism, I find the sentence rather clumsy. Also, since when did water boil at 85 degrees (in either celsius or fahrenheit)? Not in any copy I sub, that’s for sure! 

Perhaps the subeditor should have been a little more circumspect in their choice of words, so that readers would not be suspicious regarding their suitablity for the job.

Written by Trinny

December 29, 2008 at 15.28

Family conversation XXXVII

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Grandmim: You are too pretty; you should get divorced!
T: Um, I may have to get married first…

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December 28, 2008 at 09.22

Family conversation XXXVI

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Nim: I want to make a rule for this evening. Everyone is allowed to ban one topic of conversation. Mine is solar power. What’s yours, what’s yours?
Kim: Okay, my rule is no one is allowed to talk about Garmina, or any form of navigation.
T: And I ban making funny comments to the waiters.

Arriving at the restaurant…
Kim: Where is the entrance?
Pim: I don’t know. Why don’t we find a solar-powered navigation system and use it to find some waiters?
T: Stop it. What topic do you want to ban?
Pim: I say no one is allowed to take the piss out of me!

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December 26, 2008 at 18.37

Family conversation XXXV

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Pim: Has anyone got any opening tactics?
Mim: Well, I don’t have our keys. Do you not have them?
Kim: Problem Mkhize.
Pim: I have our opening tactics somewhere, I just don’t know where. Doesn’t someone else have any?
T: Kim has our opening tactics.
Nim: I don’t have any opening tactics. Only opening gambits.

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December 25, 2008 at 16.29

Family conversation XXXIV

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Mim: This “bonding” is nonsense!
T: I know. And I can’t stand it when Pim pretends he wants to watch films that he’s not actually interested in.
Mim: No, I think he pretends he doesn’t want to watch films that he is actually interested in.
T: No, I think he does both at the same time!

Written by Trinny

December 23, 2008 at 18.36

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