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Family conversation LXII

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Pim: Is Moby from Pennsylvania?
T: Somewhere in the US; I’m not sure where exactly.
Pim: I thought I saw on the website that he was from Pennsylvania.
T: Oh, I didn’t notice.
Pim: But I had the feeling he was from Pennsylvania anyway…
T: …
Pim: Do you geddit, do you geddit?
T: Yeah, yeah, I geddit*.

* If you don’t geddit, click here.


Written by Trinny

April 1, 2010 at 23.39

(Not-so)-friendly conversation XXV

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In the lift at an apartment on The Palm Jumeirah…

American 1: Check out this cigar. It´s from Cuba, so it´s illegal in America!
American 2: Well, as soon as Castro kicks it, Cuba´s gonna be the 51st state!!  
American 3: Yeah – we should take over Canada too!!!

This is why (some) Americans annoy me, to put it politely. It´s also why I want to visit Cuba as soon as possible. 

PS – Anyway, cigars are like so before the credit crunch.

Written by Trinny

February 15, 2009 at 21.08

Friendly conversation XV or, my nerdy subbing friends

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After work drinks…

A: I remember when I went to the US when I was really young… I visited Disneyland and ate a lot of flapjacks.
B: But you can´t say “flapjacks”.
C: Why not? Does “flapjack” have some secret gay meaning I don´t know about?
B: No, it´s just not our style. None of those Americanisms! We say “pancakes” here.
C: Well, actually, if we´re talking about pancakes in the US, we say “crêpes”.

Written by Trinny

November 27, 2008 at 22.17

Friendly conversation XI

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Fuxy: I have a new colleague from the States.
T: Is she nice? Is she lesbian? 
Fuxy: lol
T: Is she hot?
Fuxy: lol
T: Is she Mormon?
Fuxy: lol
T: Tell, tell!
Fuxy: She is not as hot as you.
T: Hahaha
Fuxy: She is not as Mormon as you.
T: Hahaha
Fuxy: She hasn’t read as many books as you, and doesn’t know as many things as you do.
T: You flatter me 😉
Fuxy: But yes, she’s lesbian.

Written by Trinny

October 29, 2008 at 12.11