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Blogging friends

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I certainly wasn´t the first of my friends to get in on the blogging act. I suspect that honour would have to go to Ollie, who started the Revolicktion way back in 2003. Granted, it hasn´t been updated for a couple of years, but he was definitely an early adopter!

Since I´m not that trendy myself, it took me until 2007 to become a blogger, first on Mahendra´s ties, and then with my own blog. While, most probably, it had very little do to with me, I still like to take the credit for several friends´entrances to the blogosphere, most notably Bec with her Plan B, and Bean´s Canadian Chronicles, both of which I have referenced before.

And now there are some new bloggers to welcome to the internet fold: Carla´s theatrically camp It´s just a stage; Belle Rudetha Prannyshake´s  delightful mix of the quotidian and the whimsical in her Life and opinions; and Frankie´s blatant attempt to blag a job in journalism with Unabashed careerism. I´ll keep reading, if you guys keep posting!


Friendly conversation XXXVII

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T: I like hairdresser Neil. He told me I was the most stylish woman at the party.
Damian: Dahling, he told me that too.
T (raises eyebrows): Really? The most stylish woman?

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June 27, 2009 at 18.10

Friendly conversation XXXVI

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Ralph: So what do you call people who live in Dubai anyway? Dubaiites?
GX: Dubaiers? Dubaians?
T: No, actually we´re called expats.

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June 26, 2009 at 15.14

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Friendly conversation XXXV

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Chronologically, this conversation clearly happened pre-haircut, I just forgot to post it first…

ABJ: Where is your hairdresser?
T: It´s harington´s of london. In Sandton City.
ABJ: Ja, but where in Sandton City?
T: I have absolutely no idea.
ABJ: I just wanted to know the closest entrance to drop you off at.
T: You are so considerate. Whichever entrance is easiest for you is fine.
ABJ (worried): Will you be able to find it?
T: Ja, I´ll just look at the  map and ask people for directions, if I get stuck.
ABJ: Okay…
T: I´ve learnt ways of coping with my navigational disability 😉

(For the record, ABJ, with his unerring sense of navigation, dropped me off at the closest entrance anyhow!)

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June 22, 2009 at 20.51

Friendly conversation special edition: my new hair

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My new hair (and old boobs)CdS: Your new hair is so hot.
T: Thank you.
CdS: It´s like the sphinx. Very Cleopatra.
T: Except her hair wasn´t blonde.
CdS: It´s like Cleopastra times 9/11!
T: Huh?

If anyone else has ever heard this expression before, please enlighten me…


T is blatantly fishing for compliments about her new look.
T: Do you notice anything different about me since this morning?
Extended pause as AT looks her up and down, clearly puzzled.
Suddenly, he has a flash of inspiration.
AT: Your boobs are more prominent!

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June 21, 2009 at 19.40

Paris in Dubaii

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Paris Hilton is in Dubai. Or Dubaii, as she termed it on Wednesday on Twitter. Perhaps she needs a subeditor as her new BFF*?!


*That´s best friend forever, for those of us born last century.

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June 19, 2009 at 19.25

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Friendly conversation XXXIV

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AM: All the men I´ve dated have been good with their hands.
T (raises eyebrows): Very useful indeed.
AM: Except for X. He was good with his feet.

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June 19, 2009 at 16.43

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