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Healthy challenge, day XXI

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Weekend was so-so healthy living wise. Went to bikram yoga (Friday) and swimming (Saturday). Did drink a couple of beers at the Coldplay concert but managed to refrain from smoking, even though it was *really* tempting.

Now that my flat has emptied out from being a hippie commune* I am very grateful to have my bed back. Even though I have been sleeping a lot better since I started yoga and stopped smoking, the couch in my lounge is far from comfortable.

Yoga today again, where Brian suggested I participate in the 30 day challenge, which starts April 1. The crazy thing is, instead of thinking that Brian is crazy, I am seriously considering the idea, although Cyprus does get in the way somewhat. 

*A sad goodbye to Shennie Pie and Mister Moose, but a happy hello to their “replacements”, who will be named when I think up suitably cool monikers for them. 

Yoga phrase of the day: Namaste
Yoga inspiration of the day: Matt´s endless bender.  
Weather of the day: Rain, again. I didn´t sign up for this!


Healthy challenge, day XVIII

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Didn´t have the healthiest day. I did drink one g&t at the Irish Village after work. But only one. And one g&t upstairs while watching Frost/Nixon with TC. But only one. So that makes one g&t. And it was with slimline tonic, which makes it only half a g&t, right?

In my defence, I did seriously think about going for a swim. But considering Thursday is the weekend in this part of the world, and that I have exercised for the last five days in a row, I think a little slackitude is allowed… Back to yoga tomorrow though!

Achievement of the day: Not smoking at the Irish Village. 
Inspiration of the day: My Ollible cousin, who is on day 4 of quitting smoking himself.
Match of the day: g&t 2, Trinny 0

Healthy challenge, day XVI

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Didn´t have any exercise scheduled for today, but went for a brief swim when I got home from work. Actually, I was *almost* tempted to put in a surprise appearance at yoga after a hectic day, but decided I´d rather have some time to myself in the evening for a change. Not doing too well on the healthy eating at the moment (chicken tikka masala for lunch), but hey, it ´s crunch time at the office and I have to keep going somehow on my first non-smoking deadline!

Encouragement of the day: Kim´s comments re. my yellow chakra
Exercise of the day: Swimming.  
Temptation of the day:  Saying no to that deadline cigarette.

Healthy challenge, day I

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12.23 pm on 9.3. 2009 

Does that sound like an auspicious time and date to you? It doesn´t, particularly, to me but, in the tradition of Zeno, it marks the occasion of my “last cigarette” – for a  month at least.

Why quit now, rather than when I´m 30, as has long been my intention? Well, I´m participating in a health and fitness feature for one of my company´s magazines. Hopefully, the prospect of a bollocking from my friends and colleagues if I let them, and myself, down will keep me motivated (haha). Not only am I not smoking for four weeks, but I´m also not drinking; eating healthily; and attempting some sort of exercise regime.

“Oh, you mean you´re changing your personality!” quipped one friend on gchat. Indeed, I am. Hell, I´ve already changed my name this year. Changing my lifestyle as well shouldn´t be too much of a problem. (Okay, maybe
I´m lying. Or thinking wishfully.)

Whatever, I´m going to give it a go. Sorting out exercise at a yoga/pilates studio from tomorrow – just waiting for them to return my call. But went swimming this evening. And didn´t eat any carbs. Neither did I smoke any cigarettes, nor drink any alcohol, even though my house guest indulged in both these past times.

Verdict of the day: Am generally happy with the start of  my campaign, although I did drink too much tea and coffee.
Premonition of the day: This is not going to get any easier.
Question of the day: Is popcorn a carbohydrate? ( I suspect it is, but I might eat some anyway. There´s only so much a girl can deny herself!)

Three things that happened today

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1. I went for my x-ray and blood test. Quick and painless, except the nurse did ask if I was pregnant. Um, no, I just have a little extra weight around the stomach area at the moment. (Handsome Bob: “Don´t take it personally. They have to ask all the unmarried women.” T: “Actually, I was the only one they asked.”) At least the encounter spurred me into going swimming this evening!

2. When I arrived at work, I discovered we have a new intern, aka personal slave. I know how it´s hard when you start somewhere and no one gives you any direction, so I´ve taken her under my wing. And she does whatever I tell her. Nice.

3. My editor casually offered me a press junket to Malta in March. (“You may have to write something about it though.”) Sadly, the offer was retracted when he realised it would be during a deadline week. However, he did mention that we´re getting thrown loads of freebies at the moment, and he´ll come up with something for me… Woohoo!

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January 25, 2009 at 20.06