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Family conversation LXI

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Mim: I really like how ABJ has opened up this space.
T: Ja, me too.
Mim: We’re going to put an occasional table over there.
T:  Is the table going to be there all the time?
Mim: What do you mean?
Pim: Will it be there only on occasion?
Mim: You two have been spending far too much time together!


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March 28, 2010 at 22.27

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Tea for two…

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I received several wonderful birthday presents last month, but the picture below, lovingly drawn by ABJ, is one of my absolute favourites. A Where’s Wally?-style teacup suits me to a, well, um, T!

Tea for two...

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November 13, 2009 at 17.22

Family conversation L

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Mim: Will your friends know to bring swimming costumes?
T: I have done enough organising for this party. My friends are all adults. If they don’t know to bring swimming costumes when we’re staying by the beach, then I despair. ABJ, did you bring a costume?
ABJ: I brought two!
T: You see, people will know they should bring them.
Mim: But not everyone is as organised as ABJ.


A couple of hours later…

M-Squeeze: Should I bring swimming togs?

In all fairness, it might be too cold to swim in the sea. But there is a heated pool, which you’re allowed to use if you have a spa treatment.

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October 1, 2009 at 14.26

Family conversation XLVIII

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T: So, you still need to decide if you want the doors to have a wooden or paint finish.
Pim: I’m happy to leave it up to ABJ. But if it’s wood, I want Melanie or Wendy, or whatever it’s called.
T: I think he means Wenge.

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September 28, 2009 at 20.10

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Friendly conversation XXXV

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Chronologically, this conversation clearly happened pre-haircut, I just forgot to post it first…

ABJ: Where is your hairdresser?
T: It´s harington´s of london. In Sandton City.
ABJ: Ja, but where in Sandton City?
T: I have absolutely no idea.
ABJ: I just wanted to know the closest entrance to drop you off at.
T: You are so considerate. Whichever entrance is easiest for you is fine.
ABJ (worried): Will you be able to find it?
T: Ja, I´ll just look at the  map and ask people for directions, if I get stuck.
ABJ: Okay…
T: I´ve learnt ways of coping with my navigational disability 😉

(For the record, ABJ, with his unerring sense of navigation, dropped me off at the closest entrance anyhow!)

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June 22, 2009 at 20.51

Dodgy DVD V, Twilight

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Feeling lazy again tonight, or maybe it´s just that it´s already past midnight so technically tomorrow, as ABJ would no doubt remind me, were he around. Anyhow, relying on another dodgy DVD, rather than family wit, to provide some sparkle to my blog. And although I am unlikely ever to watch Twilight, reading about it has certainly proved entertaining.  

Beira is a girl different from the rest , she does not love vanity heartily, can not run after vogue
like the girl is other the same, also be unwilling to pretend self to go to foster good relations with the
schoolmate who is unable to get along painstakingly. Reason because of mother remarriage, Bella
moves to go and compose in reply father and firmly. Within new school, Beira has come across a boy
who is called Edward , the proprietor that he had come across with Beira all different , not only hand-
some , clever, humorous, and follow Beira to have common language very much. With the associa-
tion going deep into , the excessive Edward make up to because of Beira and self, the brute force
controls self bloodthirsty instinct , at the same time be obliged to , deadly enemy of Edward clan also
comes to challenge , is confronted with a variety of difficulty, Edward and Beira can Jack shall have
Jill , all shall be well.?

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May 6, 2009 at 00.30

100 reasons why quitting smoking is a very good thing

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Even after three weeks, I am finding it difficult to maintain motivation (although I haven´t cracked yet). Personally, I can only think of one reason (see below) why I´m happy I quit smoking, and find it all to easy to come up with like 19 million counter reasons as to why I should quit quitting.

This is why I need your help. Please add a reason in the comment box below, and let´s try to get this list to 100 reasons! Ex-smokers´ input is especially welcome, although I´d like to hear from all of you. Only one reason per person, so make it a good one. No duplication and, if possible, spare us the obvious.

I´ll choose the reasons I like the best and add them to this post, with attribution (although bear in mind I reserve the right to edit your contributions).

1. “When you go out, you can take a tiny, teeny going-out bag, and not have to worry about how to carry your cigs.” –  Trinny.

2. “You don’t realise it, but those who don’t smoke can smell you… and you stink, especially when you’ve just come in from smoking outside. And your clothes, too, just hanging in your closet or, worse, my closet. Then we’ll go into your lungs… they stink, too.” – Aman.

3. “The only good thing is that my non-smoking boyfriend doesn’t nag me any more!” – Sharon.

4. “There’s that whole little ´You are reducing your risk of dying of lung cancer and having lungs that look like the Alberta tar sands´ thing…” – Bean.

5. “I can finally justify having a teeth whitening treatment without worrying they will be yellow again if I continue to smoke!” – Flickster.

6. “Because you can find a brilliant substitution delight like biltong, rosemary, suckers, or popcorn.” – Kim.

7. “Wives are not kept waiting or lingering in weird electronics shops so that husbands can smoke outside the mall.” – Shennie Pie.

8. “Your friends who are pregnant, have tiny babies or long hair that holds the smell of smoke can dine with you, without worrying that you might light up.” – Beccy.

9. “I’ve just got Rochelle and Lieze to quit too so there will be no one to smoke with when you get back to SA.” – Al.

10 “Non-smokers will want to kiss you. This means you’re effectively doubling your pool of potential suitors. Better even than being bisexual. Best of all, of course, is being a bisexual non-smoker.” – Moral Squeeze.