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Weather rant

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I am hot. Properly hot. Also, I am sick and tired of status updates and tweets by Brits complaining of the “heat”. So, upon reading the following yesterday, it was reassuring to discover that not everyone living in the UK has become a mentalist:

Hot Carla

Hats off to Carla who, quite sensibly, elects to keep her cardigan on. And well she might.

The following comparison between London and Dubai temperatures over the last month was sourced via Wolfram Alpha.

Current temperature: 24°C
Minimum: 9°C, June 8
Average: 17°C
Maximum: 28°C, June 28

Current temperature: 40°C
Minimum: 26°C, June 5
Average: 35°C
Maximum: 46°C, July 2

“Not fair!” I hear the overheated British masses cry. “It´s been much hotter than 28°C here.” I´m not disputing that the data might be slightly on the conservative side, but this goes for the Dubai temperatures too. I´ll match your 32°C and raise you a 49°C.

Furthermore, I´d like to point out that the average, I repeat, average, temperature in Dubai over the past month has been hotter than the maximum level reached in London.

Personally, I think there´s been far too much whinging about the alleged UK “heatwave”. Enough already. Relish the mild sunlight that is currently shining down on you, and leave bitching about the heat to people who know what 40°C plus feels like. If I hear any more griping, I´m going to instruct my strongmen to track you down and klap you one, before confining you to a sauna for 48 hours. That is all.


Friendly conversation XXX

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In the lift…

Colleague: It´s getting hotter.
T: Ja, I know, I don´t know how I´m going to survive summer when it gets to 50 degrees!
Colleague: Don´t worry: it never gets to 50, only 49.

Written by Trinny

April 29, 2009 at 21.08

Healthy challenge, day III

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A few of my friends and family had some suggestions regarding which form of exercise I should choose for the healthy challenge. Aqua aerobics (promising) and kick boxing (be honest, can you really see me kick boxing?!) both featured. That said, I don´t imaging many people could see me doing bikram yoga either… 

I was really nervous about going to class today. I mean, I know the point of yoga is like to focus and relax into yourself, but  still, I was worried about not doing it right. What if I was exhaling when everyone else was inhaling?!

It was good to have Heidi with me for encouragement. And even though she´s a natural athlete and was totally better than me, I know that´s not the point, so I´m not at all jealous (okay, well only a little bit).

So, first impressions? Well, for starters, it was fucking hot. By the end of the 90 minutes I looked like a tomato. A very sweaty tomato. But, and here´s the thing, I felt fantastic. It´s a long time since I let those exercise endorphins run riot in my body: they had fun, and so did I. I felt like I imagine Pim does when he´s had too many painkillers at the dentist. Except my buzz was what I believe is known as a “natural high”. 

I´ll write more about the actual class and different postures next time I go – for my first lesson I was too busy wiping the sweat from my brow while trying to balance on one leg to make any detailed observations…

Temptation of the day: Guy behind the counter at my friendly corner shop asking if I wanted to buy a packet of smokes. I uttered a very sore, “No, thank you.”
Yoga phrase of the day:  “Looking, but not seeing.”
Request of the day: Just because I was making fun of the gym bunnies who commented on my first healthy challenge post, it doesn´t mean I don´t want anyone to comment. I was only teasing, honest. I´m gonna need your comments and further encouragement throughout the month, please!

Healthy challenge, day II

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No smoking, no drinking. It´s easier not to indulge in  the former when I´m not doing the latter either. And staying at home is a pretty good way to keep off the juice, especially in Dubai (although my friend Heidi did bring me a stash from duty free recently). So far I have resisted temptation, but prolly that´s only because there hasn´t been an unreasonable amount of it in my path.

So day two going well. Certainly having an easier time of it than Tom Thumb  upstairs, who – oops! – I´ll let him tell you all about it in his own words when article appears…

But my easy ride is about to come to an abrupt end, tomorrow. Yip, it´s my first bikram yoga lesson. Now, if I were still in Liechtenstein, it might be fun to take up bikram yoga purely to experience the heat. However, I´m not sure of the wisdom of practicing this kind of yoga in Dubai, of all places. Perhaps it´ll prepare me for the nine circles of summer?

Shopping of the day: Yoga clothes.
Health food of the day: Spinneys chickpea salad.
Ponder of the day:  Very lovely to receive all your support, but am slightly horrified that my readers seem so very keen to comment on my exercising endeavour, yet are comparatively silent on other topics. Are all my friends gym bunnies?!