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Family conversation XLI

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T: I think Shennie Pie and Mr Moose will move back to Jozi after they´re done in Dubai. So when you see them tonight you can tell them all about the recession over there.
Pim: There is no recession.
T: But Mim told me that construction had ground to a halt?
Mim: It has! There are cranes just standing still everywhere.
Pim: Ja, but that´s because everyone has run out of money.

Technically, Pim is correct. I don´t think he will be any more when the first quarter results are released though…


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May 10, 2009 at 19.30

Healthy challenge, day VI

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Today was my first private pilates lesson. It was fine and some of the exercises I learnt even seemed kinda familiar from yoga class. Will elaborate another day, but all this healthy living is taking it out of me, so right now I´m off to sleep…

Pilates phrase of the day:  “Corset your ribs.”
Temptation of the day: Mr Moose having the effrontry to ask me to buy him cigarettes with my money, and then proceeding to smoke them in front of me. In his defence, he was being absentminded rather than vicious. 
Indignity of the day: Taxi driver telling me yoga was good exercise “for women”.

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March 14, 2009 at 23.51

Same words, different context II

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In South Africa, Quiet Riot is my friend (okay, Facebook friend) Lev David´s funny column in the Mail&Guardian. Funny haha, or funny strange? Well, it depends on your sense of humour, I guess. For the record, I think it´s funny haha. With enough absurdism thrown into the mix to make it hahaha. Come to think of it, I´m not sure what has happened to Lev´s column, can´t seem to find any recent (as in 2009 recent) examples on line. But am very excited to have stumbled upon his fabulous new blog

And Quiet Riot in Dubai? It´s an uber-funky range of clothing designed by a colleague´s sister. I went along with Shennie Pie and Mr Moose a few weeks ago to check out her stall at Souk Bastikiya. And while buying clothes was a little beyond our means, the cupcakes were fabulous!

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March 1, 2009 at 21.21

Accidental visitor I

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One of the things I love about living away from home is having visitors. When I was in Liechtenstein, I had six visitors in nine months, which I thought was good going, considering Liech isn´t exactly a throbbing  tourist destination! Thanks Mim and Pim, Rude Larry, Kate, Kate (I know a lot of Kates!), and Kim for making the effort. And apologies to the second Kate and Kim that I never blogged about your visits… You´ll just have to come to visit me in Dubai!

I realise now that my goal of having 20 people visiting me in Liechtenstein was slightly ambitious, although I might´ve had more visitors if I´d stayed a full year.

But the great thing about Dubai is, not only is it a place where people actually *want* to visit me, but it´s perfectly placed for a stopover between South Africa and Europe. Also, it´s a popular enough tourist spot that sometimes I bump into people I know who just happen to be on holiday here, without visiting me specifically. I already saw Shennie Pie and Mr Moose´s friend JS in January. He´s my accidental visitor number one. 

I´m expecting more visitors soon – of both the accidental and purposeful variety – so watch this space. And if *you* want to feature on Trinny in Dubai, I always have a spare bed for you (even if it´s actually a couch).

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February 28, 2009 at 11.55

Things I am looking forward to in Dubai

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1. Watermelon juice.
2. Spending time with Shennie Pie and Mr Moose.
3. My new job. 
4. Not having to feel guilty about buying bottled water, as it´s the only option.
5. Living by the beach.
6. Partying to Rude Larry´s electro beats. 
7. Movies under the stars at Wafi.

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January 2, 2009 at 06.52