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Weather rant

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I am hot. Properly hot. Also, I am sick and tired of status updates and tweets by Brits complaining of the “heat”. So, upon reading the following yesterday, it was reassuring to discover that not everyone living in the UK has become a mentalist:

Hot Carla

Hats off to Carla who, quite sensibly, elects to keep her cardigan on. And well she might.

The following comparison between London and Dubai temperatures over the last month was sourced via Wolfram Alpha.

Current temperature: 24°C
Minimum: 9°C, June 8
Average: 17°C
Maximum: 28°C, June 28

Current temperature: 40°C
Minimum: 26°C, June 5
Average: 35°C
Maximum: 46°C, July 2

“Not fair!” I hear the overheated British masses cry. “It´s been much hotter than 28°C here.” I´m not disputing that the data might be slightly on the conservative side, but this goes for the Dubai temperatures too. I´ll match your 32°C and raise you a 49°C.

Furthermore, I´d like to point out that the average, I repeat, average, temperature in Dubai over the past month has been hotter than the maximum level reached in London.

Personally, I think there´s been far too much whinging about the alleged UK “heatwave”. Enough already. Relish the mild sunlight that is currently shining down on you, and leave bitching about the heat to people who know what 40°C plus feels like. If I hear any more griping, I´m going to instruct my strongmen to track you down and klap you one, before confining you to a sauna for 48 hours. That is all.


Friendly conversation XXX

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In the lift…

Colleague: It´s getting hotter.
T: Ja, I know, I don´t know how I´m going to survive summer when it gets to 50 degrees!
Colleague: Don´t worry: it never gets to 50, only 49.

Written by Trinny

April 29, 2009 at 21.08

Healthy challenge, day XXII

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Managed to make the six o´clock yoga class this evening, which I much prefer to the eight o´clock one, as gives me more time to faff around at home before going to bed.

Had a new instructor – he´s filling in for someone on leave. I thought Brian´s classes were tough, but this dude is on another level. Sounds like he´s commentating on a horse race the way he puts us through our paces! 

Yoga phrase of the day: Learn to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable position.
Song of the day: Why does it always rain on me? Yip, the weather still hasn´t let up yet! 
Reminder of the day: Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31) is the last day you can vote in the SA Blog Awards 2009. Make sure your voice is counted before it´s too late…

Healthy challenge, day XXI

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Weekend was so-so healthy living wise. Went to bikram yoga (Friday) and swimming (Saturday). Did drink a couple of beers at the Coldplay concert but managed to refrain from smoking, even though it was *really* tempting.

Now that my flat has emptied out from being a hippie commune* I am very grateful to have my bed back. Even though I have been sleeping a lot better since I started yoga and stopped smoking, the couch in my lounge is far from comfortable.

Yoga today again, where Brian suggested I participate in the 30 day challenge, which starts April 1. The crazy thing is, instead of thinking that Brian is crazy, I am seriously considering the idea, although Cyprus does get in the way somewhat. 

*A sad goodbye to Shennie Pie and Mister Moose, but a happy hello to their “replacements”, who will be named when I think up suitably cool monikers for them. 

Yoga phrase of the day: Namaste
Yoga inspiration of the day: Matt´s endless bender.  
Weather of the day: Rain, again. I didn´t sign up for this!

Healthy challenge, day XVII

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Had my first group pilates class, which went okay. I think one of the reasons I prefer yoga though is that you can look in the mirror to focus (and check that you´re doing the posture correctly).

When I walked out of the pilates studio, the ground was all wet, which left be a little bewildered. At first I wondered if they were washing the car park? (“Classic Mallinson”, as TC would say.) But then I felt the gentle rain on my face, and was grateful for this unseasonal gift. Nothing beats Jozi thunder storms, but it was still pretty good. Pity I missed the hail though, I was busy scooping my stomach in or whatever at pilates.

Weather of the day: Hail in Dubai.
Pilates phrase of the day: Scoop your stomach in.  
Achievement of the day: Still did not smoke, although was final, final deadline.

Three things I didn´t expect in Dubai

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1. The weather. The winter hardly compares to Liechtenstein, but it did snow the other day. Granted, not in Dubai itself, but Ras Al Khaimah, another one of the emirates. I could certainly have done with squeezing my midseasonal coat into my suitcase!

2. A racist doorman. When I had peeps over for lunch on Saturday all my caucasian friends simply waltzed upstairs, but Shennie Pie was obstructed by the security guy. Sad, but true.

3. To sit in the lounge with my housemate playing scrabble – on line. We decided it´s not geeky, as long as we don´t descend to Interweb chatting 😉

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January 28, 2009 at 21.03

Friendly conversation XXIV

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A: I´m cold.
B: Why didn´t you bring a jacket?
A: I thought it would be hot.
B: You´ve been here three years. You should know it´s not always hot.
A: We live in the desert; it´s hot.
B: Some desserts can be cold. Like ice cream.

Written by Trinny

January 23, 2009 at 11.35