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Family conversation XIX

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T: You know, when Nim and all his friends read my post about Murray, they´ll spread it all over Rhodes, and then it´ll become a viral marketing phenomenon, and then…
Mim: What´s viral marketing?
T: Like Vernon Koekemoer … and then, I´ll be big in Japan
Kim: No, you won´t be big in Japan; Murray will be big in Lower Albany.


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October 30, 2008 at 09.17

Friendly conversation XI

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Fuxy: I have a new colleague from the States.
T: Is she nice? Is she lesbian? 
Fuxy: lol
T: Is she hot?
Fuxy: lol
T: Is she Mormon?
Fuxy: lol
T: Tell, tell!
Fuxy: She is not as hot as you.
T: Hahaha
Fuxy: She is not as Mormon as you.
T: Hahaha
Fuxy: She hasn’t read as many books as you, and doesn’t know as many things as you do.
T: You flatter me 😉
Fuxy: But yes, she’s lesbian.

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October 29, 2008 at 12.11

Family conversation XVIII

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T: I really think that house in Melville is gorgeous.
Pim: I would buy it if I had the money.
T: Well, if you don’t buy it, RdV should; it would be perfect for him.
Pim: He could buy it and keep it for us until we had the money.
Kim: Ja, but he’s a businessman, he wouldn’t sell it to you cheaply.
Pim: Is he a businessman?
T: He’s a chief financial officer at just over thirty; I’d say he’s a businessman.
Pim: If he were a businessman, he would be working for himself.
T: If he were working for himself, I’m sure he wouldn’t be earning quite so much money.
Mim: Stop it, you guys.
Pim: Being a businessman isn’t about making money; businessmen often lose money.
T: I’d say he’s financially shrewd then.
Pim: If he were financially shrewd, he would have sold all his company’s assets before the financial crisis.
T: Then he’d be out of a job. 
Mim: Cut it out, guys!
Pim: But he would have been financially shrewd.
T: No, he wouldn’t have been shrewd; he would’ve been screwed!

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October 27, 2008 at 20.47

Not-so-friendly conversation X

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Today when I was waiting for a minibus taxi to get to work this guy on the side of the road started harrassing me for money. Being a Sunday and all, he asked me if the thick book I was carrying was a bible, trying to curry favour. He picked the wrong person for that tactic, although I didn´t have the heart to tell him the book was good old Hunter S

Reminded me of a conversation I once had at Cape Town station.

Dude asking for money: “Small change, sister?”
T: “Sorry, no.”
Dude: “God will bless you, sister.”
(Continues in a similar vein for some minutes)
T (eventually): I don´t believe in God, okay?!
Dude (shouting after me): Jou ma se poes!!! 

Ja, like that´s gonna make me change my mind…

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October 26, 2008 at 20.59

Friendly conversation IX

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Having dinner at the Yellow House with Sue and some other friends when I was in Grahamstown…

T: So have you thought of any names for your baby?
N: Ja, we’re going to call her Maya.
T: That’s such a lovely name. You know, I was at playgroup yesterday and everyone seemed to have kids with stupid names like Phoebe and Ethan.
N: Ethan was our choice for a boy…

Not much chance of talking myself out of that one!

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October 25, 2008 at 20.10

Friendly conversation VIII

On the escalator at Hyde Park…

T: [Sneezes]
Women #1: Bless you.
T: Thank you.
Women #2: She has a nice sneeze.

I guess you have to take your compliments where you find them… But I don’t know if my colleagues would agree with Women #2, after having to suffer through my continuous sneezing for the past week or so.

Am starting to realise that my tactic of smoking menthol instead of regular cigarettes is not the curative I anticipated it to be. Perhaps I’ll have to give up smoking altogether? I’ll see how I feel next week… 

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October 24, 2008 at 17.31

Blogroll round up

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Recently got round to updating my blogroll on WordPress. Most of the old favourites are there, including BeanBec, Sue and, of course, Mahendra. Alas, Arselickocracy and Bangers and Mash have suffered an untimely demise. I laugh less each day because of their absence. In other news, Daniel in Vaduz is Daniel in Ljubljana for a semester. Check out his blog for insight into the street art of Slovenia, as well as some inspiring architecture.

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October 21, 2008 at 21.13