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Three good things that happened yesterday

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1.  My application for a place on Ivo Vegter’s moon mission was successful. I’ll be joining the team as a cheesemaker 😉
2. I received my short-term contract for my new job, and discovered, to my pleasant surprise, that I get leave. Which makes sense, but I hadn’t been banking on it.
3. New Year’s plans are looking sorted, thanks in no small part to the energies of Mick. Seems that we’ll be running away with the fairies (and hobbits!).


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November 20, 2009 at 17.43

Where in the world is Trinny?

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As mentioned below, I´ve decided to go on holiday next week. Why? Well, it´s been a while. Also, just because I can. Owing the spontaneous nature of my decision, choices were fairly limited. As it is, I´ve picked somewhere supercool that adheres to all the constraints below:

1. I don´t need a visa or can get one at the border/airport;
2. I can afford it without declaring bankruptcy;
3. It will be okay to travel alone;
4. I´ve never been there before; and
5. It´s going to be Absolutely Fabulous.

Can anyone guess where I´ll be going? Tacky souvenir to the first person with the correct answer.  And you´re automatically disqualified if I´ve already told you, sorry. I´ll post my destination tomorrow evening; lucky, or rather educated, guesses in the comment box below, please.

Three good things that happened today

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1. I decided to go on holiday next week.
2. Not a baldy was blessed with its first comment by someone who is not personally known to me.
3. Going for a freebie dinner with the 618 massive tonight.

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July 28, 2009 at 17.52

From our in-house newsletter

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Trinny at the officeBig up to the third floor´s latest South African signing, Theresa Mallinson. Trinny joined in early January, arriving from a company in Liechtenstein (That´s right, Liechtenstein). The wordsmith brings her superb subbing skills to the business side of our magazine empire. Interesting factoid: bookworm Mallinson will read 10 novels in a one-week beach holiday.

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February 6, 2009 at 12.15

New Year´s Resolutions 2009

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I´m clearly a little behind in making  my resolutions for 2009, or at least declaring them on line. (Good luck with the job hunt, Bean!) Not that I´ve ever been that big on resolutions anyway.

Last time I made a New Year´s resolution I had any intention of keeping was in 2004: “I shall not be in Port Alfred next New Year.” (For the record, this was no reflection on the generous hospitality of Dogflower, rather a realisation that there were summer holiday options other than the Eastern Cape). And where was I on December 31, 2004? Port Alfred of course, and it was a good one!

But I digress. And I shall continue to do so… Looking over this blog, I see I have had a couple of previous posts concerning resolutions. In February I came up with a new semester resolution of endeavouring to update my blog with greater regularity. Well, I didn´t survive the semester in Liechtestein, nevermind the resolution!

In July I made a couple of half-year´s resolutions, to wit: get my driver´s licence and get a job. Regarding the former, I did at least get my learner´s licence, which was a huge step forward… And I did get a job, and then I got another one. So that´s one-and-a-half out of two: not a bad score!

Back to the point of this post. I did consider some resolutions for this year. But, unlike Bec, I am only giving up smoking when I grow up at 30 (not all that far away, yikes!), and I am not about to sacrifice my last few months of coughing pleasure just so I can turn the whole ordeal into a New Year´s resolution.

Nim gave me This Diary Will Change Your Life 2009 for Christmas, which was hilariously unhelpful in suggestions for unique resolutions, for example: “Find the lost city of Atlantis” (not all that difficult in Dubai, come to think of it!), “Waste fewer words” (nah, that´s my day job), or “Find the Grail but keep quiet about it” (not my style).

On yet another tanget, TDWCYL2009 is the bossiest book I have ever come across. I´ve already failed my Week 1 Goal to “Make a New Year Resolution that no one in history has ever made before”. Week 2´s aim “Open a Home Restaurant” has also passed me by – I have to use all my resolve just to cook a decent meal now and then instead of being enticed by cheap and tasty Indian takeaways. We´re already in Week 3 and it seems I must now “Subvert Consumer Society from Within”. I´ll keep you posted on that one!

Okay, I´ll stop blathering on now. I´ve decided on one resolution for 2009, and a simple one at that: to be happy. Or perhaps not that simple – thom e yorke once said something about how it´s easy to be depressed; much braver and  more difficult to be happy (If anyone can find the original quote, please let me know!).

Which reminds me of something an Iranian friend said at my goodbye party in Liechtenstein: “Theresa, I think you´ve enjoyed your time here, but you have not been happy.” Puzzling over this apparent contradiction, I realised he was right. Being happy is both more, and less, than merely enjoying oneself. I´m pretty good at the latter, but have some work to do on the former…

For now though, I´m off to make myself a bite to eat before heading down for a pint or two at the local (yes, we do have those in Dubai!) with the Golden Sands gang.

How to be a perfect host

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For my time in London, I stayed with my saucy HP cousins, and their kitty cat, Muffin Pants. They are definitely top contenders for the Consummate Host 2007 Awards. Here´s what they did right:

1. Gave me a room and their spare key.
2. Did not comment on my comings and goings in the early hours of the morning.
3. Went away on holiday for a large part of my stay.
4. Lived their own lives, and let me live mine.

It´s simple really. All too often, when you´re staying with friends or family, both parties end up bending over backwards to accommodate each other, and end up with a compromise that leaves everyone feeling disgruntled. HP just continued about their daily lives, and assumed I´d look after myself.

Perfect, and no feelings of catholic guilt to haunt me. Sure the evenings when we all managed to be home at the same time were few and far between, but this made them even more special. It´s a rare gift indeed to give you guests the space they need… Perhaps it´s because HP are cat people?

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March 4, 2008 at 22.39