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Friendly conversation XLVI

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T: No, I don´t live at The Address, I´ve just been at an iftar.
Taxi driver:  Oh, are you muslim?
T: No, I´m not.
Taxi driver: So, it wasn´t a proper iftar then.
T: No, not really.
Taxi driver: So are you christian or buddhist?
T: Christian*.
Taxi driver: So you also have  a book. Good.
T: Yes, we do.
Taxi driver: Muslims, christians, books, good; Buddhists, Hindus, no books, bad**.

Now, I´m all for literature, but not specifically in religous instances. In fact, specifically not in religious instances. I was silent though, because I really can´t be bothered to get into unnecessary arguments with taxi drivers when all I want to do is get from A to B.

* Atheist doesn´t cut it in this part of the world. I was tempted to say buddhist, but thought it would complicate matters.

** At this point I thought it prudent not to mention that Jews also have a book, although I would´ve loved to have discovered what Mr Taxi Driver made of this.


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September 7, 2009 at 22.45

Dodgy DVD IV, The Reader

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My housemate bought a dodgy DVD of The Reader the other day. Not sure if I´ll be bothered to watch it, although the back cover does paint the film in an intriguing light…

Germany´s post-World War II, 15-year-old Michael Berg (David Kross decoration) falls in love 
with himself will be even more significant than the 21-year-old Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet
playing), two of indulgence, sex, the woman asked more often boys She read the novel for litera-
ture, until one day, Hanna never appeared disappear.
Grew up in the Michael (Ralph Fiennes playing) Faculty of Law of the study, but in the court to
participate in an internship, Hanna found sitting in the dock, has become a World War II war crimi-
nals, but also illiterate and heart He´s full of struggle, how they all are …

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May 4, 2009 at 21.23