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Dodgy DVD IV, The Reader

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My housemate bought a dodgy DVD of The Reader the other day. Not sure if I´ll be bothered to watch it, although the back cover does paint the film in an intriguing light…

Germany´s post-World War II, 15-year-old Michael Berg (David Kross decoration) falls in love 
with himself will be even more significant than the 21-year-old Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet
playing), two of indulgence, sex, the woman asked more often boys She read the novel for litera-
ture, until one day, Hanna never appeared disappear.
Grew up in the Michael (Ralph Fiennes playing) Faculty of Law of the study, but in the court to
participate in an internship, Hanna found sitting in the dock, has become a World War II war crimi-
nals, but also illiterate and heart He´s full of struggle, how they all are …


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May 4, 2009 at 21.23

Public transport heaven

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A visit to the Verkehrshaus der Schweis in Luzern was my first big outing to Switzerland. Went with the school, which meant about 40 preteens, three wonderful teachers (including the lovely M), and me.

We made use of the highly efficient Swiss transport system – appropriately so given our destination – catching three trains, a bus, and a boat. Needless to say, they were all on time.

The kids were sweet and I liked the group instantly, for no better reason than that a significant proportion of them were shorter than me. However, during of the course of the day, my eardrums became more and more sensitive (when boys are shorter than me, it usually means their voices haven´t broken yet), and by the end of it I was glad that I usually teach the older kids, for all their teenage misdemeanours.

At the museum itself, I found myself entranced by the trains, and barely gave the automobile, aeroplane and space-travel sections any attention. Cars and planes are merely a means to an end; trains however, are full of suggestive possibilities…

After lunch, saw my first Imax film: Deep Sea, which promised narration by the delectable Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. But their German counterparts were incomprehensible to me, so I switched off my ears and looked at all the pretty fishies.

There was just enough time to go and check out the massive 2D map of Switzerland. Well, there would have been more time, except it took me at least half an hour to find the wing where it was located. (Sometimes it´s hard to believe I´m Pim´s daughter.)

It was fun being a giant walking over the landscape – I was able to find Liechtenstein, after much searching – although in the end it all felt a little flat. (Okay, sometimes it´s not that hard to believe I´m related to Pim!)

A boat took us across Lake Luzern back to the station, and I managed to take a lot of random pictures of water and houses; lose the school group – and I thought I was supposed to be helping to look after them!; find them again; hop on the train with seconds to spare; and then collapse into a fitful sleep for the home journey.