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Healthy challenge, day IX

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Feeling a little better today; made it through work, although I did arrive rather late and leave slightly early. Discovered when I got home that Shennie Pie has also been sick, so maybe my mystery illness is nothing to do with bikram yoga, quitting smoking, dehydration, or my mind playing tricks on me.

Shouldn´t  complain too much, I suppose, since I´ve been in Dubai for 10 weeks, and this is the first time I´ve been ill. In Vaduz I had a perpetual cold, it really was too dreadful… One of the many reasons why I´m enjoying this part of the world a lot more than my last overseas experience.

Also, there´s not a single bikram yoga studio in the whole of Liechtenstein. I reckon I´ll be well enough to go to yoga tomorrow, which I´m happy about: I don´t want to skip class for too long, because then it just becomes too easy never to return. 

Food of the day: Magnum (ice cream) – you´re allowed to indulge when you´re sick!
Temptation of the day:  EM inviting me to the Irish Village to celebrate St Paddy´s Day. But wasn´t that difficult to say no, considering I´m still not feeling great. 
Encouragement of the day:  My friend Susan telling me her list of symptoms when she stopped smoking. I reckon I´m having an easy time of it!


Healthy challenge, day II

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No smoking, no drinking. It´s easier not to indulge in  the former when I´m not doing the latter either. And staying at home is a pretty good way to keep off the juice, especially in Dubai (although my friend Heidi did bring me a stash from duty free recently). So far I have resisted temptation, but prolly that´s only because there hasn´t been an unreasonable amount of it in my path.

So day two going well. Certainly having an easier time of it than Tom Thumb  upstairs, who – oops! – I´ll let him tell you all about it in his own words when article appears…

But my easy ride is about to come to an abrupt end, tomorrow. Yip, it´s my first bikram yoga lesson. Now, if I were still in Liechtenstein, it might be fun to take up bikram yoga purely to experience the heat. However, I´m not sure of the wisdom of practicing this kind of yoga in Dubai, of all places. Perhaps it´ll prepare me for the nine circles of summer?

Shopping of the day: Yoga clothes.
Health food of the day: Spinneys chickpea salad.
Ponder of the day:  Very lovely to receive all your support, but am slightly horrified that my readers seem so very keen to comment on my exercising endeavour, yet are comparatively silent on other topics. Are all my friends gym bunnies?!

Accidental visitor I

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One of the things I love about living away from home is having visitors. When I was in Liechtenstein, I had six visitors in nine months, which I thought was good going, considering Liech isn´t exactly a throbbing  tourist destination! Thanks Mim and Pim, Rude Larry, Kate, Kate (I know a lot of Kates!), and Kim for making the effort. And apologies to the second Kate and Kim that I never blogged about your visits… You´ll just have to come to visit me in Dubai!

I realise now that my goal of having 20 people visiting me in Liechtenstein was slightly ambitious, although I might´ve had more visitors if I´d stayed a full year.

But the great thing about Dubai is, not only is it a place where people actually *want* to visit me, but it´s perfectly placed for a stopover between South Africa and Europe. Also, it´s a popular enough tourist spot that sometimes I bump into people I know who just happen to be on holiday here, without visiting me specifically. I already saw Shennie Pie and Mr Moose´s friend JS in January. He´s my accidental visitor number one. 

I´m expecting more visitors soon – of both the accidental and purposeful variety – so watch this space. And if *you* want to feature on Trinny in Dubai, I always have a spare bed for you (even if it´s actually a couch).

Written by Trinny

February 28, 2009 at 11.55

Same words, different context I

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One of the strange things in which I take delight is how the same words and phrases can have completely different meanings depending on context.  I´m not really talking about obvious homonyms like “left” (opposite of right) and “left” (past tense of leave). More about finding examples in my own life, and making a connection for absurdity´s sake. 

For example: DPS.

When I was at varsity, if you got all your DPs (duly perfomed certificates) it meant you were allowed the privilege of writing exams.

When I first worked on magazines, I learnt that DPS stood for a double page spread

And when I taught in Liechtenstein, we used DPS to refer to one of the set texts: Dead Poet´s Society. (The book, not the film, although if I´d had any say in the syllabus I wouldn´t have chosen either.) Very glad that
I´m back in the world of double page spreads these days!

From our in-house newsletter

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Trinny at the officeBig up to the third floor´s latest South African signing, Theresa Mallinson. Trinny joined in early January, arriving from a company in Liechtenstein (That´s right, Liechtenstein). The wordsmith brings her superb subbing skills to the business side of our magazine empire. Interesting factoid: bookworm Mallinson will read 10 novels in a one-week beach holiday.

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February 6, 2009 at 12.15

Reminders of home

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I remember when I was in Vaduz, and happy to find oranges from South Africa. In Dubai, however, South African produce is barely worth a mention. But, if you care, I have Ceres fruit juice in my fridge, Ouma rusks in my cupboard, and Aloe vera gel for my sunburn. Now, if only I had a Black Label, I´d be sorted!

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February 1, 2009 at 18.53

Three things I didn´t expect in Dubai

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1. The weather. The winter hardly compares to Liechtenstein, but it did snow the other day. Granted, not in Dubai itself, but Ras Al Khaimah, another one of the emirates. I could certainly have done with squeezing my midseasonal coat into my suitcase!

2. A racist doorman. When I had peeps over for lunch on Saturday all my caucasian friends simply waltzed upstairs, but Shennie Pie was obstructed by the security guy. Sad, but true.

3. To sit in the lounge with my housemate playing scrabble – on line. We decided it´s not geeky, as long as we don´t descend to Interweb chatting 😉

Written by Trinny

January 28, 2009 at 21.03