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Today’s happy things

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1. I found out Jack Parow is playing in the afternoon at Ramfest, so I can check out some zef rap before moving on to The Radium for the foxy folksiness that is Laurie Levine.

2. I bought me some pretty clothes from Hip Hop.  Not so pretty for my bank balance but, you know, at least they were on sale.

3. Pim and I have tickets for the World Cup! Brazil vs Cote d’Ivoire at Soccer City. Shhh… don’t tell Ivo.


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March 5, 2010 at 00.48

Family conversation LVIII

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T: Guess who’s playing in Jozi next weekend?
Pim: Vanessa Williams.
Mim: What do you know about Vanessa Williams?
Pim: Vanessa Williams, the tennis player
T: I was talking about music.
Mim: Ja, that’s what I thought.
T: Guess again.
Pim: Stalelybrown.
T: No, they’re playing here next month.
Pim: Die Antwoord.
T: That took some time…

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February 21, 2010 at 16.19

Trinny in Jozi

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Ja, so I changed the name of my blog, again. Gotta say where I’m at, don’t I? Devoid of inspiration for a tag line though, so if anyone has any witty/silly/punchy suggestions (or, preferably, one suggestion that combines all three elements), bing them this way.

You might have been wondering why you haven’t heard from me lately. No, it’s not because I hate you. It’s because I’ve been moerse busy. Here’s what’s been happening in my world this year.

I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to the cricket. It rained. I drank a lot. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to  work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I lost my phone. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I ate sushi at Bice. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I bought a new phone. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. Pim snuck ahead of me in watching The Wire. It poured. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I went to work. It rained. I had my hair cut. I went to work*. Luckily it didn’t rain that day.

*Actually, I have been to work loads more times than I said, but I didn’t want to bore you with repetition.

Family conversation XLVII

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T: Where are your new offices?
Pim: In Woodmead.
T: Where is Woodmead?
Pim: By the Makro.
T: Where is the Makro?
Pim: In Woodmead.
T: Is it the Woodmead Makro?
Pim: Ja.

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September 25, 2009 at 21.21

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Friendly conversation XXVIII

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A: When I was in Joburg I used to hang out a dodgy pool bar that was full of journos.
T: Was it The Bohemian?
A: Yes, it was rather bohemian…
T: No, there´s a place actually called “The Bohemian”.

Man, I miss The Bo. Didn´t quite make it back on my last flying visit to Jozi, so I´ll have to wait a while…

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July 3, 2009 at 15.11

Friendly conversation XXXV

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Chronologically, this conversation clearly happened pre-haircut, I just forgot to post it first…

ABJ: Where is your hairdresser?
T: It´s harington´s of london. In Sandton City.
ABJ: Ja, but where in Sandton City?
T: I have absolutely no idea.
ABJ: I just wanted to know the closest entrance to drop you off at.
T: You are so considerate. Whichever entrance is easiest for you is fine.
ABJ (worried): Will you be able to find it?
T: Ja, I´ll just look at the  map and ask people for directions, if I get stuck.
ABJ: Okay…
T: I´ve learnt ways of coping with my navigational disability 😉

(For the record, ABJ, with his unerring sense of navigation, dropped me off at the closest entrance anyhow!)

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June 22, 2009 at 20.51

Family conversation XLI

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T: I think Shennie Pie and Mr Moose will move back to Jozi after they´re done in Dubai. So when you see them tonight you can tell them all about the recession over there.
Pim: There is no recession.
T: But Mim told me that construction had ground to a halt?
Mim: It has! There are cranes just standing still everywhere.
Pim: Ja, but that´s because everyone has run out of money.

Technically, Pim is correct. I don´t think he will be any more when the first quarter results are released though…

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May 10, 2009 at 19.30