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Five little bits of superfabulousness, total

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1. Freshlyground are singing the World Cup anthem (with that other girl).
2. We saw Abdullah Ibrahim when we were having drinks at my Cape Town local in Obs. Some clever person (not me) got his autograph as a pension plan.
3. My first article has been published by The Daily Maverick. And BizCommunity too!
4. Mick has been featured in a McCain* advertisement. So I guess you’ll be able to watch it soon, if you’re in Canada, that is.
5. I’ve taken the day/night off work, and will be attending Not the London Book Fair presently.

* That’s McCain the food group, not McCain the politician, in case you were wondering…


Friendly conversation LIX

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Two bored subs in an email conversation… It’s funnier if you know what copy we were working on at the time. Or, perhaps, not funnier, just (even) sillier.

T: Cool beans… and good karma.
Ralph: Coffee beans… and good java 😉
T: Jumping beans… and a shot of tequila :p
Ralph: Has beens… and a shot to the head 🙂
T: Magic beans… and sacred cows.
Ralph: Fee fi fo fum, I smell… holy bull crap!

Friendly conversation LVIII

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T: I  got home from work really late last night, because all these bloody interns were also in the queue for transport. They even jumped ahead of me, sies!
LB:  Fucking interns. If they’re not sucking off the president, they’re stealing your transport!

Written by Trinny

February 11, 2010 at 00.35

Friendly conversation LVII

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TS: You Safas are craaaazy – (but at the same time genius).
T: I tell you, we’re going to take over the world.  (As proof of my earlier assertion, Boing Boing has referenced TDM!)
TS: Won’t you need a visa for that?

Written by Trinny

February 9, 2010 at 00.21

Family conversation LVI

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T: I just came up with a good idea for a book. Another one.
Mim. Mmm?
T: It’s going to be about people who still live at home. I’ll get all my friends who are living with their parents to write a chapter. I’ll call it: My mom lost my ID book.
Mim: Do you want to make families estranged?
T: I suppose it would be only fair to give the parents each their own chapter too.
Mim: It’s a bad idea. And anyway, we aren’t sure that I lost your ID book.

Written by Trinny

January 23, 2010 at 15.28

Friendly Conversation LVI

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Tour guide: We have to take a different road to Nairobi, because the President might be entering or leaving the city, and it could delay us by several minutes… or hours.
T: Okay.  Is he giving a speech for Kenyan Independence Day?
Tour guide: No, he’s just wasting our time.

Written by Trinny

December 13, 2009 at 01.55

Friendly conversation LV

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[T and AM  chatting to the 16-year-old “business development consultant”.]

16: So how old are you guys?
T: I’m 23 and she’s 21.
16: Really? That surprises me…
T: How old do you think we are then?
16: More like 18, 19.

Written by Trinny

November 28, 2009 at 10.21