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Five little bits of superfabulousness, total

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1. Freshlyground are singing the World Cup anthem (with that other girl).
2. We saw Abdullah Ibrahim when we were having drinks at my Cape Town local in Obs. Some clever person (not me) got his autograph as a pension plan.
3. My first article has been published by The Daily Maverick. And BizCommunity too!
4. Mick has been featured in a McCain* advertisement. So I guess you’ll be able to watch it soon, if you’re in Canada, that is.
5. I’ve taken the day/night off work, and will be attending Not the London Book Fair presently.

* That’s McCain the food group, not McCain the politician, in case you were wondering…


Last week pizza, this week thousands of dibs

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Had a disappointing response to my offer of free pizza. But Rustum´s thoughtful analysis of the state of Cape Town pizzerias is a deserving winner, even if was, ahem, the only entry. Dude, I´ll email you details of how to claim your Butler´s. It´s my pleasure to help feed the starving artist. 

But this week, there´s a much better (potential) prize on offer. Every morning on the way to work – well, to be fair, those mornings I get up in time to catch the silver bullet – TC and I are confronted with the secret sound on Dubai 92. Our first guess was “scrabble letters in a bag “, but we discovered that had already been suggested and was the: “Wrong answer, stupid!” TC is convinced the secret sound has something to do with lettuce, but I´m not sold.

Although we´re pretty much stumped, I still fancy getting my hands on 47,000 dibs (and rising), or even part thereof. Here´s what I propose. You, my friends and readers back home and other places, submit your guesses as to the provenance of the secret sound via the comment box. Click on the links to hear the pesky sound and see a list of previous wrong answers, stupid. TC and I will select the guess we reckon is most plausible, then
I´ll text it to the station and, cross fingers, take the call from Catboy and Geordiebird.

If we happen to win, and I just know we will, what with all you creative geniuses working on a sound solution, money is split equally three ways. One third for the winning guesser, one third for the facilitor (yes, that´d be me), and one third for my morning chauffeur. Believe it, because it´s true. And yes, clicking on that last link will lead you to a gratuitous Corné and Twakkie video. Maybe I´m just missing home?

Free pizza, anyone?

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So, ja, I didn´t win big, or small, at the South African Blog Awards. In fact, if the results were announced in order of number of votes, I came last in my category. But thanks to those of you who voted for me anyway!

And now, I have a little reward. All nominees receive two free pizzas from Butler´s. Now, if it were two free pizzas from Diva, I might be tempted to hop on a plane, but as it is, I´m gonna share the cheese… Capetonians have until Thursday April 16 to submit their comments as to why I should give my prize to them. Most pizzalicious comment wins 😉

SA Blog Awards 2009

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It´s that time of year again when the SA Blog Awards roll around. And I´ve chosen *you*, my precious readers, for the honour of nominating me. 

I did come third in the Best South African Overseas Blog category in last year, and I´m looking to beat that. Admittedly, it was probably because I asked all my friends to nominate and then vote for me. But I see no reason why that strategy shouldn´t work again!

Here´s what you have to do:

1. Click on the orange widget on the right-hand side of my blog. 

2. The url for Trinny in Dubai will be filled in for the most relevant categories. But you can add to others or delete from the ones I´ve chosen, as you feel is appropriate. 

3. Here´s the catch: you have to nominate at least three different blogs, I suspect to discourage people from nominating only their friends. But don´t be discouraged. See below for my list of other SA blogs I recommend, and take a moment to check out and nominate a couple that pick your fancy*. 

4. Enter your email address and the security code and click on “submit” – it´s that easy. 

5. Just make sure you submit your nomination by March 14. 

SA Blogs I recommend, in no particular order. (I´ve linked them to their approximate categories, for ease of reference.)

Most Humorous South African Blog 
Lev David writes things…
Facebook friend Lev´s  wacky sense of humour.
Plan B
Varsity friend Bec´s inimitable take on life.

* Best Entertainment Blog
Miss N-tertainment
Journo friend Nadia Neophytou leading the Dubai lifestyle in Jozi. 

Best Overseas Blog
The Canadian Chronicles
Varsity friend Bean about adapting to life in Vancouver.
Journo friend SM on living in Bangalore.
The Great Call of China
School friend Tom on living in Beijing for a year. 

Best Personal Blog
Obscurvitory friend Rustum Kozain does writerly stuff.
Ravings of the housebound 
Cape Town friend Sue´s experience of living with, and beating (yay!) an AVM on her brain stem.
Rockin´the Botdom 
Journo friend Biobot shares what´s on his mind.

I won´t deny that all these people are my friends. But I will say that all my friends have to pass a strict writing-ability test before I upgrade them from the friendship probation period. The Trinny stamp of approval is only endorses genuine talent.

Otherwise, Thought Leader is always good for South African opinion. And you can check out Amatomu or Afrigator if you´d like to discover your own favourite South African (and African) blogs.

Of course, before I say goodnight, there´s always Mahendra´s Ties. Although it is now dormant (note: dormant, not extinct), it was updated last year, if sporadically, so technically you could still nominate it. That said, I think the authors are happy enough that their blog about the Raghunath´s sartorial vicissitudes cleaned up at the South African Mahendra´s Ties Blog Awards 2008. Perhaps we should leave the blog to rest on its laurels. Who knows, the Raghunath might even be encouraged to follow suit? 

But back to the point: thank you for reading to the (almost) end of this post and now: get nominating, please pretty readers 😉 

* Disclaimer: Since the mandate of the Blog Awards is to: “endeavour to bring South African bloggers to the forefront of peoples attention, both locally and internationally, increasing exposure for South Africa’s great bloggers; and in the end reach out and touch people who are outside the realm of blogging and have them discover what they are missing” I don´t see how I´m breaking any rules by asking friends to recognise my blog, and encouraging them to read a few other South African offerings. Hope the organisers don´t either!

People watching

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Everyone loves people watching. It´s even more interesting if you set yourself a goal, kind of like a real life Where´s Wally?.  Here are three versions of people watching I´ve enjoyed in the past (and present).

1. Spot the first year
Sitting on Jammie Steps at UCT and watching the hapless first years scuttling by is a lot more fun than closeting yourself in the library. Especially good in orientation week. Can be played at any varsity in the world.

2. Spot the emo kid
Nim educated me on emo kids one night when we were at a concert. I mean, I did have a vague idea of the general concept before, but it was fun honing my skills. (One of the joys of being old is that none of my friends are emo kids.)

3. Spot the brunch casuality.
This one´s a hoot if you´re going out on a Friday night in Dubai. Pretty easy to spot those who´ve overindulged, but it might prove more challenging if you´re wearing a pair of brunch goggles yourself!

How do you like to watch your people?

Written by Trinny

February 14, 2009 at 22.06

Top five names of people I actually know…

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No particular priority, just the order I met people in…

1. Markus Blank.

From Obscurvitory days. Markus used to work at Carte Blanche; I used to drink there. Always thought it would be a great name for a character in a postmodern novel.

2. Larry McGuinness.

Larry was my housemate in Cape Town. Seems quintessentially Irish, although he´s not.

3. Bart Smithers.

Kim´s boss. And that is his real his name, not kidding.

4. Krash King.

My former boss, from when I worked in Jozi. Krash King might not be his birth name, but it is his legal one. Watch this space for the next time he changes it.

5. Thomas Shambler

Works for the same company I do in Dubai. Affectionately known as “shambles”. I feel his name also has novel potential. 

What are some of your favourite names, like of actual people? Have realised my list is shamefully unrepresentative, so would love it if you could add some diversity via the comments box!

Written by Trinny

February 13, 2009 at 17.00

Birthday V2.1

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I´d already had a pre-party, a party, and an after party with my new friends in Liech. Why stop now?

I rounded up my friends in London for another celebration. The very lovely Leti suggested Candid Cafe as a venue – reminiscent of ATOM sans copious alcohol consumption, sexy waiters, surly barman, and infamous bathroom shenanigans.

But hey, I´m not complaining – it was definitely the closest I´ve found to Obscurvitory in London. It was fabulous (dahling!) to catch up with friends from Cape Town and Grahamstown days in a setting that felt a just a little bit like home.