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Five little bits of superfabulousness, total

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1. Freshlyground are singing the World Cup anthem (with that other girl).
2. We saw Abdullah Ibrahim when we were having drinks at my Cape Town local in Obs. Some clever person (not me) got his autograph as a pension plan.
3. My first article has been published by The Daily Maverick. And BizCommunity too!
4. Mick has been featured in a McCain* advertisement. So I guess you’ll be able to watch it soon, if you’re in Canada, that is.
5. I’ve taken the day/night off work, and will be attending Not the London Book Fair presently.

* That’s McCain the food group, not McCain the politician, in case you were wondering…


Today’s happy things

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1. I found out Jack Parow is playing in the afternoon at Ramfest, so I can check out some zef rap before moving on to The Radium for the foxy folksiness that is Laurie Levine.

2. I bought me some pretty clothes from Hip Hop.  Not so pretty for my bank balance but, you know, at least they were on sale.

3. Pim and I have tickets for the World Cup! Brazil vs Cote d’Ivoire at Soccer City. Shhh… don’t tell Ivo.

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March 5, 2010 at 00.48

Wherefore art thou, Zakumi?

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You know, the other day I saw Zakumi on a coke can too… The Coca-cola Zakumi is way cuter than the “real life” version. And I found out Fact #1 of six about Zakumi: He is proudly South African. One would bloody well hope so. I mean, it wouldn´t do to have him supporting Germany in 2010 now, would it?

Am dying to find out the other five facts about this cuddly little leopard. Please would anyone who´s spotted him on a coke can, or elsewhere, let me know more about Zakumi in the comment box. 

Talking of the soccer World Cup, if any of you want to find out some real news about the progress that´s been made, as supposed to the latest on my burgeoning crush on Zakumi, go check out Shine 2010.

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October 20, 2008 at 19.07

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Family Conversation XII

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Kim: “Do you think they´ve tranquilised Zakumi until the World Cup?”
Mim: “Who´s Zakumi?”
Kim: “The World Cup mascot. He came out, had his song and dance… have you seen him since?” 
Pim: “I saw him on a coke can.”

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October 11, 2008 at 08.51

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