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Healthy challenge, day XXI

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Weekend was so-so healthy living wise. Went to bikram yoga (Friday) and swimming (Saturday). Did drink a couple of beers at the Coldplay concert but managed to refrain from smoking, even though it was *really* tempting.

Now that my flat has emptied out from being a hippie commune* I am very grateful to have my bed back. Even though I have been sleeping a lot better since I started yoga and stopped smoking, the couch in my lounge is far from comfortable.

Yoga today again, where Brian suggested I participate in the 30 day challenge, which starts April 1. The crazy thing is, instead of thinking that Brian is crazy, I am seriously considering the idea, although Cyprus does get in the way somewhat. 

*A sad goodbye to Shennie Pie and Mister Moose, but a happy hello to their “replacements”, who will be named when I think up suitably cool monikers for them. 

Yoga phrase of the day: Namaste
Yoga inspiration of the day: Matt´s endless bender.  
Weather of the day: Rain, again. I didn´t sign up for this!

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  1. Hi Trinny, hope all is well. I’m glad you got some inspiration from my website:

    I’m still getting to know the nuts and bolts of my blog back-end (wordpress) so I’ve only just noticed your link to my site.. thanks 🙂 I wish I had noticed, I would have looked you up when I was in Dubai!

    Very entertaining blog you have by the way. Hope you’re keeping up the yoga 😉

    Matt Jermyn

    June 23, 2009 at 01.10

  2. Hey Matt, meant to get in touch with you myself, but went on holiday in early April, and never went back to yoga 😦

    I´d send you the link to the magazine article I wrote, but the mag is sadly interwebless 😦

    Anyway, do intend to get back on the Bikram wagon sometime soon!

    Hope you challenge is going well, and thanks for reminding me of your blog! Where are you now? I have a lot of catch up reading to do!


    June 23, 2009 at 23.27

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