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Blog Awards

Well,  I finally submitted my nominations for the SA Blog Awards 2009, and hope you all have too, or will shortly, because the deadline is tomorrow! Actually, just checked, and the deadline has been extended to March 18 (that´s Wednesday), but still, time is running out…

Personally, I realised I didn´t have the heart to leave Mahendra out in the cold (imagine what fun he could have chosing a tie to wear to the awards ceremony!), so nominated this post for post of the year, because it still makes me laugh every time I read it… 

Oh, about the nominating process – there are a whole lot of rules, which I didn´t explain properly previously. So you can click on this link if you´re confused. The main rule is that you have to nominate at least three different blogs. You can submite your nomination without doing so, but it will be disqualified. So please ensure you´ve fulfilled this criterion. Okay, I´ll stop droning on about the blog awards now, and talk about something else…


Decided to close my poll, cos pretty sure eveyone who has wanted to vote has done so by now.

So, what should my name be?

1.Tea or Téa (32%)
2. Trinks or Trinx (21%)
3. Trinklebean (18%) 
4. Trinny (13%) 
5. Theresa (8%)
6. Other (5%) 
7. Tree or Trees (3%)

None of the other options garnered any votes, although I realise I left of “Tresa and Tresie”, so who knows if those options are popular or not. Thirty-eight votes, so not a bad turnout!

And what do I think of the results? Actually: “You can call me anything you like, as long as you don´t call me late for breakfast”. My grandpim always used to say this when I was growing up. I was never quite sure if this was simply a statement concerning his punctual nature, or if there was some latent deeper meaning. 


I´d like to go on record as saying I´m a fan of the new facebook layout. How do you guys feel about it?

Talking of Facebook, I have decided to maintain the original group for people interested in my blog, which is called Liech, life, and everything else. Join this group if you´d like to receive a message every time I update my blog. However, I´ve also started a Trinny in Dubai fan page. Become a fan if you´d like to get an update about my blog activity once a week or so. If you want to be part of both groups, it´s not my fault if you complain of information overload! If you don´t do Facebook, then you can subscribe to my blog by clicking on the subscribe by email link on the righthand-side of the screen. Otherwise, you can find me on Twitter.


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