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A tale of friendship scorned

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So, a while ago, when the superlicious Sarah was visiting, we had a wee dinner party – on a school night, nogal. Ended up with the smokers in my room having a few cigs out the window. And, after more than a couple of glasses of wine, we weren´t being particularly quiet. Cue the guy from the flat next door poking his head out the window and asking, ever so politely, if we wouldn´t mind keeping it down a little, since he did have work tomorrow. So did we (well, some of us) but in his defence, it was the witching hour

Cut to a few days later, I had an Amélie moment, and decided to sally forth in the spirit of making friends with the neighbour. So I stuck a note to his door. Can´t remember it verbatim. But it went something like this:

Dear 315

Please accept this sincere, if somewhat tardy, apology for our raucous behaviour on Wednesday night. Do you fancy going for a drink some time this week in recompense? You know where to find us…

Yours in contrition

 (I considered including something along the lines of “we will never be so noisy again, at least not so late at night”, but didn´t want to make a promise I couldn´t keep.)

A couple of days after this, I received the following :

Thank you for the note.

I´m keen for a drink sometime. I´m not often home so give me a call/text on xxx xxx xxxx & we can arrange to meet. 

– Name 

So I gave it a few days and texted him. And he didn´t text back. After a week or so, I sent him another text, and he replied and said sorry he´d been busy, and he´d be in touch on the weekend. But he wasn´t…

Whatever: I am like *so* over it. But I don´t quite get it. I mean, this isn´t about him just not being that into me. I was merely extending the offer of a friendly drink. Admittedly, from what I recall, he was fairly cute. However, I´d like to state that in no way did this influence my actions 😉 What puzzles me, is that if he
didn´t want to engage with the noisy, kooky neighbour, why did he give me his number?!

So, the question I´m asking you, my dear readers, is am I weird for instigating the whole note-on-the-door spiel? How would you have responded to such a gesture? I await your comments in anticipation, since I will prolly never be privy to neighbour boy´s view on this matter.

Personally, I feel the fact that I´d rather be having a drink with the mysterious 315 right now than writing about him on my blog shows I´m more human than freak. Pity 315 never bothered to find this out for himself.


Written by Trinny

March 8, 2009 at 19.30

3 Responses

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  1. As I understand it, in western culture (if that is what we are dealing with), “some time” (in its grammatically correct or incorrect forms…) means “probably not, but I think I ought to be polite”. As for leaving the telephone number…? Some possibilities: 1. he is stupid and didn’t think about what he was doing; 2. he is not necessarily stupid, but didn’t think much about it; 3. providing a number suggests that he does intend to meet with you, even though he doesn’t, so reinforcing the facade of politeness; 4. It is a cunning ruse to get YOUR number: since presumeably (as you did), you would text or call him. Possibility 4 could fulfil several functions: a) he is seeing someone at the moment, but may have the hots for you at some time in the future; b) he is a weird stalker person and will torment you telephonically; c) he would like to be able to call you and tell you to shut up the next time you make a racket late at night.


    March 8, 2009 at 20.28

  2. It is Western culture. Thanks for a very thorough analysis. I know many people called Kate (seven, off the top of my head, but there are probably more), but suspect I also know which one you are.

    Personally, I feel possibility 3. or 4.a) or 4.c) or a combination of the above is prolly the most accurate!


    March 8, 2009 at 21.06

  3. Actually, there is no reasons why option 1. or 2. couldn´t be correct either. At least, so far, I can rule out 3.b), touch wood! If anything, I am the weird stalker person in this scenario, sigh…


    March 8, 2009 at 21.10

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