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In South Africa, Quiet Riot is my friend (okay, Facebook friend) Lev David´s funny column in the Mail&Guardian. Funny haha, or funny strange? Well, it depends on your sense of humour, I guess. For the record, I think it´s funny haha. With enough absurdism thrown into the mix to make it hahaha. Come to think of it, I´m not sure what has happened to Lev´s column, can´t seem to find any recent (as in 2009 recent) examples on line. But am very excited to have stumbled upon his fabulous new blog

And Quiet Riot in Dubai? It´s an uber-funky range of clothing designed by a colleague´s sister. I went along with Shennie Pie and Mr Moose a few weeks ago to check out her stall at Souk Bastikiya. And while buying clothes was a little beyond our means, the cupcakes were fabulous!


Written by Trinny

March 1, 2009 at 21.21

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