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Everyone loves people watching. It´s even more interesting if you set yourself a goal, kind of like a real life Where´s Wally?.  Here are three versions of people watching I´ve enjoyed in the past (and present).

1. Spot the first year
Sitting on Jammie Steps at UCT and watching the hapless first years scuttling by is a lot more fun than closeting yourself in the library. Especially good in orientation week. Can be played at any varsity in the world.

2. Spot the emo kid
Nim educated me on emo kids one night when we were at a concert. I mean, I did have a vague idea of the general concept before, but it was fun honing my skills. (One of the joys of being old is that none of my friends are emo kids.)

3. Spot the brunch casuality.
This one´s a hoot if you´re going out on a Friday night in Dubai. Pretty easy to spot those who´ve overindulged, but it might prove more challenging if you´re wearing a pair of brunch goggles yourself!

How do you like to watch your people?


Written by Trinny

February 14, 2009 at 22.06

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