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Malapropism I

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The other day I was reading People magazine (don’t ask!) when I came across the following sentence in an article about cholera: “In areas where water is circumspect you can purify water by boiling it for three minutes at 85 degrees.”

Now, even I’ll admit subeditors are not always right, but it’s really not cool when they’re wrong.  In addition to the malapropism, I find the sentence rather clumsy. Also, since when did water boil at 85 degrees (in either celsius or fahrenheit)? Not in any copy I sub, that’s for sure! 

Perhaps the subeditor should have been a little more circumspect in their choice of words, so that readers would not be suspicious regarding their suitablity for the job.


Written by Trinny

December 29, 2008 at 15.28

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