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Family conversation XXVIII

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T: Here’s a book for you to read. I know that’s always your favourite part of coming home for the holidays…
(Hands Nim a copy of Moxyland
Nim: Oh, it’s South African.
T: Ja, it’s a bit like A Clockwork Orange, but not really… 
Nim: I haven’t read it. Is A Clockwork Orange like a Terry’s chocolate orange
T: No, it’s a little more sinister…


Mim: So are you going to read Moxyland or not? I feel like reading it now…
Nim: I think it’s too adult for me.
Mim: What on earth do you mean?
Nim: Well, if it’s like A Clockwork Orange… I’ve seen the poster. Isn’t that the one where they go around chopping people’s eyelashes off?


Written by Trinny

December 9, 2008 at 10.40

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