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Not-so-friendly conversation X

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Today when I was waiting for a minibus taxi to get to work this guy on the side of the road started harrassing me for money. Being a Sunday and all, he asked me if the thick book I was carrying was a bible, trying to curry favour. He picked the wrong person for that tactic, although I didn´t have the heart to tell him the book was good old Hunter S

Reminded me of a conversation I once had at Cape Town station.

Dude asking for money: “Small change, sister?”
T: “Sorry, no.”
Dude: “God will bless you, sister.”
(Continues in a similar vein for some minutes)
T (eventually): I don´t believe in God, okay?!
Dude (shouting after me): Jou ma se poes!!! 

Ja, like that´s gonna make me change my mind…


Written by Trinny

October 26, 2008 at 20.59

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